Reviewer: dublinsubmissiveslave
Dublin: 3pm / 03/11/12: 1 Hour Cost: € 250

I have been curious for a long time to try out Watersports and had my initiation with Miss Jones on Saturday and she really blew me away!

We spoke about the different scenarios and how she would deal with me and it seemed to really turn me on that I made the booking and she told me she needed an hour or two to prepare and I understand that part of this involves  drinking a very considerable amount of mineral water.

The Mistress dressed as I have asked and was impeccably turned out in a very fashionable business suit and very sexy heels and stockings and suspenders

Started off with a very pleasant and mild Tie and Tease session that thankfully involved no pain only 110% Â pleasure and excitement.

The finish was incredible and I was really taken aback as to how I really enjoyed it and found it so sexy and erotic,

Will definitely be back for more Tie and Tease and Great Watersports

A lovely lady who is clearly passionate about what she does and it shows

Reviewer: WatersportsEnthuastis
Dublin: 10am / 20/02/13 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Had one of my best ever sessions with Miss Jones the other day.

I had the lucky experience of receiving some of the best ever from the gorgeous Miss Jones in her private apartment whilst fully dressed as the most professional Air Stewardess you could possibly meet, my dealings with other cabin crew will never be the same again!, Love the stockings, suspenders and high heels and tight skirt being pulled up over the hips!

I had specific requirements and she met them all and went out of our way to accommodate, Very willing to change outfits and dress to please the client, very easy to chat along with and works you up into a great enthusiasm to take it as a man!

Would recommend her for a novice or a beginner’s also as well as those looking for an advanced session, she is good to go for all types, including those who might be nervous.

Reviewer: Anton 7777
Dublin: 10am / 27/07/13 30 Minutes Cost: € 150

I didnt visit Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss for corporal punishment or domination stuff as I am a complete watersports junkie and it floated my boat that this classy lady might perform watersports on Yours Truly!

I like the student girl preppie look and I asked her if she might dress down and I was a little early for my appointment and she told me that she was out just around the corner, having morning coffee and I was very welcome to join her!

To my great surprise, she was dressed already as I had asked in a skimpy little T-shirt top, short denim skirt with black opaque tights and Converse Sneakers, she was the ultimate in sexiness at 10am in the morning and I was so horny already just sipping coffee with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss, she is lovely

There was a near empty litre bottle of mineral water on the table and she promptly ordered another from the waiter, never said anything, but it was great to see the mistress preparing for the watersports!!!, my watersports!!!!!

Just love the way she looked and acted and so much in charge but yet very pleasant and charming, she has fluent English and really like the ease of making a specific appointment and the lady carrying out my wishes to the letter, as simple as this may seem, unfortunately, in the past, with other ladies they have not been so diligent and considerate as Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss in dressing up as I like.

Anyhow, having finished the other litre bottle of water, she promptly said, its time lets go and as agreed she remained in her outfit, but I later discovered that she was wearing black opaque stockings and not tights and I really had the time of my life, I have been watersported many times, but this was top notch all the way!!!!

Left 110% satisfied with a Great Big Ending!!!!!