Dinner & Dominance

Reviewer: Slave No 1
Dublin / 10/07/12 Duration: 3 Hours

Had the most marvellous, extraordinary and wonderful time with the Mistress the other night, I had met on Monday for a very physical and demanding domination session in her Dublin city centre apartment and we got on so well that I asked her out for a paid for dinner date the next night and she accepted provided she could book the restaurant and dominate me all night long, we met up first for a drink in a swanky hotel of her choice and the domination started straightaway with a lot of banter between her and the barman and she made it clear to the barman who was the Boss, it was a little nerve wracking but hugely exciting,she pushed me to my limits, she looked amazing and was in charge for the night and I loved every second of it.

The Mistress is very experienced and was very professional throughout in that I ran into a business acquaintance in the Hotel but Miss Jones was very reserved and well able to hold her own with business conversation and gave nothing away, it was a little scary but she handled it so well. My friend had no idea who I was with only a gorgeous fashionable young woman in a business suit, short skirt with legs going up to heaven. It was a great feeling having a drink and dinner with a real life Dominatrix.

Reviewer: SwissFussyguy
Dublin: Date: 8pm / 07/08/12 3 Hours Cost: € 750

I’m new to Dublin, I’m from Switzerland and I missed clicking on Miss Jones’s details on the website because I wasn’t immediately into the dominatrix thing but fancy the pants of those tan coloured stockings with the grey suit at the desk, I work in finance and very excited by the fantasy of being controlled by a businesswoman like her. At least it was different to the challenges I had of late in finding somebody I could talk to in my language or plain English

I’ve had some bad experiences with people who don’t speak good English or my language and spoke to her in my language straightaway and we had an amazing conversation for about 15 minutes and we decided on a Dinner and Dominance date, never done it but trusted it would be interesting, exciting and exciting it was, arranged to meet in the bar of a select Dublin Hotel and no problem spotting her at the bar as she was absolutely stunningly turned out and wearing beautiful stockings and heels and she was on time!!!.

Made the booking for three hours, it was more expensive than what I had intended but the evening was absolutely superb and by the end of the night she had me totally under her thumb and I was jelly in her hands.

This was one of the most memorable times I’ve ever spent with a lady and everything was only superb. Definitely something I will do again and by the way it was all completely painless, scary at times and unpredictable but total pleasure delivered by a Dominatrix who knows her Art.

Reviewer: Silvio Berlusconi
Dublin: Outcall 10pm / 08/03/13 2 Hours € 500

As you can make out from my name, I am not from Dublin but like woman a lot, Ha Ha and I had the fancy to meet with this woman out of all the other women on the website but did not fancy the domination thing but she said no problem, she says she will do other things which may to make me happy, asked her if she would do a call out to my hotel and she double checked by calling my room and was happy to meet me in the bar, I asked how would I identify her and she laughed and she said you cannot miss me in the bar and true enough, I saw this apparition of this gorgeous looking woman sitting drinking a glass of wine chatting to the barman and knew that this was the Miss Jones, we had a few more glasses of vino and decided to go for some Italian aperitivo to a local Italian eatery that she recommended and I was getting hornier and hornier by the minute,

The dinner and date cost me more than if I made and in call, but it was a classic experience and I was dealing with a quality person

The domination session was extraordinary and thankfully involves no pain only lots of tease, stimulation and excitement. This woman speaks many languages fluently and conversed fluently with me in Italian, so we had no difficulty communicating:

A lovely finish to my visit to your fair city

Reviewer :Eric The Viking
Dublin: 8pm / 07/12/13: Cost: € 250

Finally only able now to complete this review as Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss appeared to have been away for a long Christmas holiday and I really wanted to say how much I enjoyed my time and how absolutely fabulous I found Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss to be, it was a dream appointment and on a Saturday night I just didnt expect it to be so extended and is so so interesting and unpredictable,

The mistress was a little late for the appointment and she suggested we meet at a local bar and I saw her getting out of a taxi and coming in and she was absolutely stunning and I just didnt realise then what awaited me in that we had a number of drinks, she said she was a little hungry and do I fancy going out for something to eat, we had hit it off pretty well together and I felt really comfortable in her company, she was dressed to the nines and I could see everybody glancing around at me and eyeing up her legs and high heels, she has a look!!!!!

but throughout the evening she prepared me for the ultimate in submission and domination and to be honest I got quite a shock when she quite quickly jumped into character and I saw a completely different side to her which I loved as she has no hesitation whatsoever in cracking the whip,

I was absolute putty in her hands and she trashed me to my absolute limit with the Scottish schools straps, the horse whip, the Africa Kooboko Whip, this one is lethal and will stripe you, and finished off with a selection of serious traditional rattan canes……….

Loved every second of it

Reviewer: Thats Love
Dublin: 8pm / 22/01/14: 3 Hours Cost: € 600

That’s Amore!

Spent over three hours in the company of a real lady!

Went well over time on our Dinner and Dominance Date, this is a magnificent combination, regular boy girl dating, having a lovely Gin & Tonic, having a meal together and all the banter that goes with that, the teasing, the preparation for the Domination session that must follow, the anticipation, the excitement !!!!!!!!!! was nearly too much but so classy………

She wore a beautiful 1950’s style Red Dress and high heels, Yummy Yummy…

Perhaps one of my very best Date Nights of All time, no exaggeration!!!!!!

The domination was Awesome

Reviewer: Public Humiliation Slut

Dublin: 10pm / 12/03/14 2 Hours Cost: € 400

Met the lady in Limerick not in Dublin as I was there on business

I had met her once before and found her Terrific, this was the penultimate !!!

I have an extreme Public Humiliation Slut Fetish in that I just adore being used, abused and humiliated by a Dominatrix in public, I love to shock people and see their reaction but need a willing competent Mistress’s to do Extreme Public Humiliation, very few have the “Nerve” or capacity to perform in public!

Not so with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss she was mad up for it

As she knew me she suggested I take her to Dinner in Limerick. We went on a bit of a pub crawl first in that she would rip me apart by causing a great big fuss whilst we say at the bar, we always sat at the bar and she flaunted her lovely long legs dangling from the high bar stool with ever so high heels, all the guys mesmerised with her!!

The Finale was in an Italian when she asked the Waitress if she could put my food in a Doggy Bowl as I had been naughty and needed to be punished, when the last diner diner had left, she told the poor non English speaking Italian waitress that she she had an urgent need to discipline me and asked her permission, the poor girl didn’t know what to say but Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss was very demanding!!

She immediately took out her Scotish leather strap, yanked down my pants and Leather me ever so fast and hard with the strap to the complete amazement of the waitress who was struck dumb!!

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss promptly told me to leave a bloodly good tip and pay the bill!!!

Just Awesome!

Dublin: 10pm / 08/05/14 2 Hours Cost: € 500

I first met up with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss in Galway last year and have been abroad working hard and came home with some cash and wanted some nice company and wanted some nice female company for the evening on a Dinner Date and I chose Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss, it was a great fun evening and she looked after me very well in my hotel room afterwards with lots of tying and tease and play and erotic play, Love that little vibrator!!!!!!