Female Submissives

Reviewer: DannyGGG
Dublin: 8pm / 03/07/13 2 Hours Cost: € 500

This was an amazing 2 girl experience

Wanted to see another female discipline another female and me too!!!!

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss has a sluty little female slave called Sally who will obey each and every instruction Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss gives to her!!!!!!!!!!

Me too, would not disobey Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss.

Sally was fantastic and we had our intimate moments together, we both got the Cane and the Strap from our Schoolmistress Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss!!

By the way Sally is Drop Dead Gorgeous just like Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss……………,..

Will do again when I have the Moula

Reviewer: GermanSubmissive Girl
Dublin: Incall 8pm / 25/10/13 1 hour & 30 Minutes € 300

Your Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is a very interesting person

I am German submissive girl visiting Bhaile Atha Cliath for a few days and fulfilled fantasies of being dominated by a non-German female dominatrix

I am very very very very submissive girl from city of Berlin and we dont have this type of mistress there, they are more traditional and old-fashioned Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is a modern dominatrix but using the traditional instruments of the ratten cane and Scottish schools strap,

As I am very slim and petite and not much fat on me and I was concerned that Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss would somehow feel sorry for me and not be very severe and in particular disciplining a fellow female girl.

Not so, she greatly surprised to make and at one stage I wondered was she ever going to stop as the session got even more intense

For me, I compare a good dominatrix to a conductor of an orchestra, their job is to take me through the pain threshold and deliver pleasure, this happened in Dublin!

She started slowly with the Scottish schools leather and finished with a selection of about 10 traditional English school canes

I am just so sorry I am now leaving Dublin and it might be another year by the time I might see her again

Reviewer: theturk
Dublin: 1pm / 06/12/13: 1 Hour: € 400

Satisfied a long-standing fantasy I have held for many a year!

Enjoyed a fabulous Duo with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss and her slave girl Sonia, a real genuine submissive little slut dressed as a schoolgirl who got caned and strapped and slapped pretty hard by Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss whilst I sat watching in the Classroom,

Love the way she bossed Sonia around, spoke with her very sternly and the way she did this frightened the daylights out of me and I was only watching and grabbed her by the hair and was pretty rough with her,

Terrific to see one female discipline and punish another so severely,

Only problem, my turn next and the lovely Sonia had her opportunity to watch the bold boy being spanked,

Very authentic, fantasy fulfilled