Tony Cork 27 September 2022

I had another great experience with my Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss today. She very beautiful and she is great with the cane. I recommend her very highly. She simply fantastic.

 Sissy J Dublin 24 June 2022

Having looked at Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss profile for a long time and even trying to set up a session before, I was finally in the right place at right time and able to met her yesterday. Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss set the tone before the session even started – ordering me to bring her a bottle of champagne and leaving me in no doubt what would happen if it was cheap. Thankfully that test was best. What to say about the lady herself. An absolute vision in her agent provocateur lingerie and loboutin heels. As asked for this sissy was locked in chastity and punished for trying to peek up her short skirt. Had my nipples cought while worshipping Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss and being left in absolutely no doubt about my place in her world, my ass soundly spanked and finally only being able to watch her locked kneeling in a cage in the corner of her room. An amazing lady and a magnificent session. Will certainly be back.

Limerick Byoo Dublin 28 May 2022

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss just keeps getting younger looking, she is amazing!!!
Haven’t been here for a while and was totally gobsmacked with her amazing figure body and what a beautiful face and personality you get here when you book in for a session with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss, Got the Michelin star treatment and the service and everything else was extremely tasty!!! Love the foot fetish, She canes to precision!!Miss Jones Dominatrix Bosshas one of the best pair of pins around town and love her stockings collection and heels!!
The Very Best!!

Dinniaabhi  Ireland 11 April 2022

Great experience.. polite before and after session. And the session was AWESOME. Have planned great sessions with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss for the future. 

Uoma Italiano Dublin 9 February 2022 three hour extravaganza Italian Gentleman

I am an Italian gentleman living in Ireland and like classy women, She has an incredible shoe selection and that’s why I just keep going back and back and back to Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss as I have an incredible foot fetish and she is the perfect Choice!!

My Valentines Treat to me!!
Had an amazing evening with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss last night and the good thing is you don’t have to be beaten by her, she has lots and lots of other exotic treats
This was like travelling First Class

This woman just keeps getting better and better and boy does she have a body to die for, she is so fit and so toned and so just unbelievably dropdead gorgeous,

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss told me to bring a good bottle of Proseco which I did and I was rewarded accordingly by her!!

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is very very charming and accommodating for all my kinky ways and nothing freaks her out and she is ultra flexible and knows how to press all the right buttons with me,  Ciao Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss

Tony 1 14 December 2021 Cork city

I had great time with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss Jones today. My ass is nice and red from her cane. I had some CBT as well. I always have great time with her. She is a super sexy Woman. I recommend her highly. Thanks Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss

Boots Limerick city 26 November 2021

Had the pleasure of meeting Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss last evening in her hotel room. Arranged meeting the previous day and text her my favourites an hour beforehand. Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss was ready and waiting for me when I entered the room, dressed in a smart tight outfit black stockings and brand new designer sexy black knee boots. She was still enjoying her coffee and litre of water for later proceedings. Nice quick chat and then down to business. Must say she carried out all my favourites and controlled the encounter beautifully. A quick shower and a relaxing chat afterwards. Till the next time.

Frankiedevesci 25 Republic of Ireland 3 August 2021

When I told Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss that my all time favourite fantasy was upskirting an Air Stewardess in First Class at 30000 ft she responded by giving me a ferocious slap across the face ,followed by a nut -crunching jab to the groin ,expertly delivered with her Louboutin shiny stilleto.The turbulence had just begun and was to last for an hour. Agony and ecstacy. This classy ,mature, extremely beautiful wonderwoman of the skies knows all the tricks, presses all the right buttons (nipples) and tweaks her conversation to arrive at a happy landing.Welcome aboard folks. Loosen your belts.. Its UP UP and away. I cannot wait for the return trip. 

Up For It 5 a Dublin 1 August 2021

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is exceptional
She is very friendly and chatty which sets the mood
The service was mind blowing
Took me too new levels
Can’t wait to try different role plays
Definitely recommend and definitely see her again thanks for a wonderful time

Deleted the user 1 August 2021

I was visiting another location and saw Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss was locally available. Called her and arranged appointment with her for a location that was new to me and easy to find.
I was considering another mistress but having previous lovely experience with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss decided to revisit her.
Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is firm and kinky just what I needed when I found myself with some free time in her location.
Enjoyed my session with her. She is also a really lovely person and as always enjoy my time with her.
Look forward to future regular sessions with her in the future as we develop our work relationship together over time. She is a classy person with international experience.
I wish her well with her future holiday.

Rick Billy 406 Galway city 7 July 2021

Hadn’t seen Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss  in years and WOW she looks better than ever,.WOW again that skirt, boots, gloves and body! Had a much need session, loved every second.
Can’t wait til next time!

Super Boomer 101 Dublin 18 June 2021

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is wonderful, simple as that. Organising the appointment was easy and very professional and she did everything I asked and more. So pleased to have met her!

Discerning Cork man Cork city 15 June 2021

I was rather contrite when I made my appointment with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss and I apologised profusely that I hadn’t been to see her for so many years having first seen her  years ago and was keen to rekindle the wonderful experiences I had with her when she wonderfully made those regular trips Leeside to meet us Cork boys and melt out the necessary punishment and she immediately seized on the opportunity and told me that she had her specially designed and made leather straps with her and she remembered that I was particularly fond of getting “The Leather” and loved the pre-session conversations with her preparing me for a “Leathering” and these words are just music to my ears and loved the way she describes how she is going to administer the very severe corporal punishment in the old fashion way using the leather and preparing me that I’m going to receive the leathering of my life and that she is going to “Trash” me like I have never been trashed before and that she whispers in my ear that she’s doing all this for my own personal development for my own good and to make me a better person and she assures me absolutely that this is the best of medicine for me to take and the warmup is incredibly sexy and stimulating and her love her accent and I love then when she starts the whole process and is quite expert at building up the Tempo and love the way that she’s not afraid to strike the tops of the Thighs are the inside of the thighs as she has assured me in that conversation before we started that she is indeed going to strike the Thighs but again reassuring me that this is all for my own good and I’m completely addicted to Miss Jones and will make the same mistake again leaving so much distance between our appointments and the leather made sure that also

Up For It 5 Dublin 30 May 2021 first time meeting

First time meeting Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss and what a unbelievable time I had–Directions were simple and nice apartment
Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is very friendly and makes you feel at ease  She is very sexy and knows how please
The session was of the best sessions I have experienced without going into details Would definitely recommend and will be back again

 Iluvass Republic of Ireland 18 May 2021

I have been a regular to Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss for a while. I keep going back for a number of good things. She is superb at delivering. My thing is hardsports. She has great hands too. And what a body. She’s also so easy going and cool. And great fun. Other things which are important. She’s easy to reach or contact. She honors what was agreed. No language barrier. I can not recommend her highly enough.

Jeep Dublin 12 May 2021 24-HOUR DUNGEON APPOINTMENT

asked Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss to come up with a brand-new play session and she suggested the ultimate 24-hour dungeon locked in the cage with caning strapping leathering and whipping and the discipline was very severe and relentless for 24 hours and I was immediately smitten by the challenge of being completely under the control of Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss under lock and key in her secure cage and happy to report I successfully survived this amazing 24-hour experience where I was treated to 100% total attention by Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss and my behaviour has improved impeccably and I am completely different person having been successfully trained by her, treated like a dog whipped like a dog and fed like a dog as she watched Netflix whilst I whimpered in her cage and even though I tried to catch some sleep she would wake me up for the administration of severe corporal punishment and put me back in the cage again and lock the door and I just loved being under her control watching her in her short skirt and stocking clad legs totally dominate me and I had no choice and I loved every minute of it!!!!! she is so so wonderfully cruel but dropdead gorgeous and beautiful and she can whip me any time she wants……………

Liverpool 05 Dublin 23 April 2021

I have been curious to meet Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss for quite a while and today was the day. An absolutely amazing experience with a stunning looking lady who really makes sure you enjoy your time with her. Would highly recommend anyone to give this lady a chance to dominate you

ILUVASS 31 March 2021 Republic of Ireland FOURTH VISIT 

This was my fourth visit with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss. My original visit was because she promptly replied to my email about a meet the following day …. I would highly recommend. A great communicator which can be highly erotic during the session. A body to die for. And my go to Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss now.

Hopper man 1999 Dublin 16 March 2021

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss was a really nice girl and made my experience so amazing I will definitely return to see her. Amazing body and does everything to make you very comfortable. Thus lady is classy….see you soon x

 Uoma Italiano  ITALIAN GENTLEMAN 15 FEBRUARY 2021 LUNCHEON DOMINANCE DATE With all the restaurants and hotels closed and I really wanted that Lunch and Dominance date with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss and she came up with a great plan for a very sexy erotic Long Liquid Lunch that we to replicate the restaurant scene in her studio and we had an amazing lunch with matching Prosecco wine and all the trimmings and Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss was beautifully dressed in gorgeous nylons and heels and was a magnificent hostess to me and as usual I had the time of my life and what else would I be doing with my money other than giving it to such an excellent cause and spending it to enjoy quality time and it was worth every penny, I also enjoyed her new toys and instruments which she used on me to perfection and the icing on the cake was when she arrange for the Susie training tool and brought my Forced Bi Training to a very high level!!!

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss arranged all the food the trimmings the wine and it was truly magnificent and excelled what you would get in a restaurant only a hundred times better!!

Tony one 19 December 2020 Cork city 200 STROKES OF THE CANE

I had great time with Miss Jones today . I ask for her 200 strokes of her cane special she gave me 220 for good measure . She very sexy she listen to was I looking for great service highly recommended her.


Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss has been on my radar for a long time and I saw she was in the local area. I rang her and was impressed with her manner on the phone and subsequently made a booking which I confirmed by text as agreed…The visit location was very discrete and she was very welcoming when I arrived. We had an initial relaxing chat first where we discovered we had a similar interest…
My session with her was outstanding and she can be very dominant but underneath she is a heart of gold, very caring and a really lovely personality. Her previous reviews which were spot on and confirm my own experience.
As you know Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss my visit to you meant a lot and you know why especially my GFE with you which was very strong and supportive towards me and I thank you for that. Have a lovely christmas and wishing the very best for you in the new year and would love to meet up again in the future.

Kilkenny sex mad addict Dublin 12 October 2020 AGENT PROVOCATEUR

this lockdown had me very horny and making the booking with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss over the phone was very easy, as requested she wore some beautiful Agent Provocateur very very sexy lingerie and had me positioned over her stocking clad legs and played with my little fellow and gave me the time of my life and found her place very easy very clean and Covid 19 friendly et cetera et cetera and look forward to a return visit and in particular really liked the Sissy Maid who answered the door, her receptionist

Boots LIMERICK CITY 21 AUGUST 2020 LIGHT DOMINATION SESSION —No problem with booking as Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss remembered me from a previous encounter and could also remember my preferences. Glad I went for a light dom session and I was putty in her expert hands. Always stays in a top class establishment and conducts the encounter beautifully.

Besotted Wretch 30 June 2020 Republic of Ireland———-A beautiful professional woman. Requested service performed beautifully with expertise and enthusiasm. Nice chat afterwards. I left feeling very de stressed and very grateful to Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss, an angel of mercy.

GREAT SUBMISSIVE GALWAY CITY 11 MARCH 2020 SCOTTISH SCHOOL MISTRESS LEATHER STRAP AND TAN COLOURED STOCKINGS—Just exactly what the doctor ordered for Great Submissive, medicine and discipline administered in the old-fashioned way by the Scottish schoolmistress dressed exactly as I asked in the conservative schoolteacher skirt, very tan coloured stockings and black heels and laid out in front of me were the three authentic traditional leather straps made by McCampbell’s of Renfireshire in Scotland, the junior schoolgirl strap, the medium grade Lochgelly tawse and the heavy grade Lochgelly tawse and the mistress started off nice and slowly in a gentle rhythm striking the backs of the thighs and buttocks and lulling me into a false sense of security because the intensity increased and increased to an almighty cresendo but she took me into subspace very quickly and I thoroughly enjoyed the unique experience of entering subspace which not very many people can do but she was a complete expert and the complete mistress in charge of taking you totally in hand and moving you very quickly and precisely from pain to Bliss!!!

Gentle man Phil 12 March 2020 FORCED BI TRAINING WITH SUSIE

t’s never enough time and I had the most hornist time of my life.

The venue was super discreet and very very posh in Limerick, took an extended lunch break and it was one of the best lunch breaks ever,
not my first time with the mistress, got the special treatment and lots and lots of her delicious Forced Bi training and Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss brought me to another level, she dressed in her new black leather Italian stiletto knee high boots and a short little leather skirt with gorgeous stockings and boy was I in heaven,
worth cuming just to experience those Boots! she couldn’t do enough to please and already looking forward to the next visit to Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss


 Maybe one of the best out there today, very few can do leg and foot fetish like Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss in those Designer Heels—
Everything perfect from the first telephone contact, magnificent location, luxurious surroundings, dressed better than a model, Loads of Prada and Louboutin designer Heels, fine stockings and OMG, that pantyhose collection is Gigantic!!! Extensive equipment and toys and instruments for my pleasure, enjoyment, training and fulfilment, service totally focused on me as the client to ensure I am 110% satisfied and that I was…….. Love her to bits!,

Boots 13 March 2020 LIMERICK CITY WATER SPORTS AND STOCKINGS—Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss was on my bucket list for some time. Last night got the chance to meet her. This lady is a complete professional, so arranged appointment for a top class hotel. Entered the room and met Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss dressed to perfection in leather boots and sockings. Immediately felt very relaxed in her company with a quick sit down chat, finances out of the way and then the fun began. I am glad I went for a light dom session for I am sure she would carry any request without mercy. Really enjoyed her nipple play which can be nice and severe. Plus her champagne is handled superbly and all my requests were carried out beautifully and a class ending. Nice shower and chat afterwards. Would definitly recommend and will meet her again.

Charlie Bronson 11 March 2020 Galway city BLACK STOCKINGS–Appointment arranged at short notice, a quick visit, but very efficient, Met by arrangement at the cocktail bar of her 5 Star hotel, very posh & spent longer at the bar gawking at her very teasing sheer black stockings & stillotoes, her legs are brilliant Session took place in her penthouse suite, really nice pad Left very very happy saying goodnight!!!!

Bisexual by GALWAY CITY 11 MARCH 2020 FORCED BI TRAINING THE SISSY TRAINING TOOL—-called Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss and got straight through and she was able to see me fairly quickly and a really nice location in the city centre, very luxurious Penthouse Suite and high-class, as is Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss, a really swell girl with a beautiful body, personality and looks to match, Boots are my big fetish Bisexual kinks and her collection excelled and exceeded my expectations, enjoyed loads and loads of favourites Forced Bi AMAZING!!! The Sissy Training Tool Experience and didn’t feel rushed and felt she had lots and lots of time and patience for my antics and fetishists and I really really enjoyed my short one hour session with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss in Galway Today,she is a little Topper!!!!!

Limerick bio Dublin 9 March 2020 WATER SPORTS AND STOCKINGS– Very good instructions to a very discreet easy to find apartment and  Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss has fluent English and wonderful people skills and was delighted she could take me this morning for an early morning appointment and enjoyed glorious Watersports and she treated me like a king and I left very very happy with a great big smile on my face and just love her long stocking clad legs and the way she deals with me is phenomenal and I love the fact that you can see a professional dominatrix without the pain and roll-on pleasure!!!

Galway Fast boy Slim Jim Dublin FORCED BI TRAINING–Galway fastboy Slimjim is just back from a terrific Forced Bi Session in the town with this extraordinary mistress and her sissy was really looked after extremely well and I’m fully trained and can suck and swallow like a pro !! This is not my first time with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss, we had met a few months back in Galway also and I was really impressed with her studio in Galway and she got me really worked up in anticipation as this was my first time trying Forced Bi and I loved it so much I didn’t need to be forced one bit, Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss was ultra submissive and so willing to please and gave me the time of my life, I left very happy,sissy was dressed in a sexy short skirt stockings and heels and really really glad I can tick this off my bucket list and will definitely rendezvous with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss she is next in Galway as we discussed lots of options and many many erotic things to do


Wow Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss really knows how to press my buttons and as requested in advance she wore my most favourite stockings and gave me the most amazing foot leg and toe fetish ever and allowed me empty my load over her gorgeous stockings and heels!!

Even though she comes from the land and time in her town she’s not a bit Prissy and really enjoyed that rich coffee with her after the session to calm me down and I must’ve been with her for another few minutes and she was very generous and it was like another session as she did it an Outfit change and boy can she dress that supercharged body of hers! Best pantyhose Experience EVER!!!!

Tipperary tight mad Belfast city 21 January 2020 VINTAGE OLD-FASHIONED STOCKINGS AND CORSETS SUSPENDERS AND HEELS–Excellent English, excellent telephone manner and expert directions in Belfast and I just totally fell in love with her massive collection of vintage old-fashioned stockings, corsets suspenders and heels and the foot fetish leg fetish and other fetishes enjoyed were absolutely terrific, wonderful to know you don’t have to be beaten when with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss she can really turn on the charm and I enjoyed a very erotic session with her in her studio in the Docklands, it was still very nice to see all her equipment laid out and will definitely return again to enjoy Watersports and might even asked to be initiated with Hardsports and love the look of the old-fashioned Scottish schools straps for my return visit perhaps also with the Forced Bi Training with her Sissy Tool wow and right up my street for a different session.

UP FOR IT 9090 DUBLIN 3 JANUARY 2020 SISSY TRAINING–Finally built up the courage to meet Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss. Wanted to fulfil my fantasy of being a Sissy, Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss was very helpful and provided me with beautiful clothes to wear so I could be the sissy I wanted to be. Had a nice chat beforehand and then Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss showed who was the boss and put manners on her sissy ‘Patricia’. She really got into the role and showed me what I was, a real sissy. I look forward to meeting Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss again to develop my sissy training,
Thank you Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss
Sissy Patricia.

PATRICK 101 DUBLIN 19 December 2019 MASTER AND SADIST TRAINING—Just back from a mind blowing but hugely enjoyable domination session where Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss let me be the Master and trained me so well to be a Sadist and gave me great instruction on how to use the traditional Scottish School Leather Straps made in Renfrewshire in Scotland combined with the Forced Bi Training who was the recipient of the discipline belted out by me and I thoroughly enjoyed having the tables reversed and me being the Master never never done this before and loved the experience of being in charge under the supervision of Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss and those wonderful leather straps in a real-life situation with no limits or restrictions on how I administer good old-fashioned corporal punishment as it should be delivered with great gusto!!!!

Jeep Donegal 11 December 2019 FORCED BI TRAINING AND SUSIE TRAINING TOOL EXPERIENCE FIRST TIME–Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss answered the door in a short skirt and gorgeous stockings and heels, we had a lovely preliminary chat and coffee was served. Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss prepared me very well for the Susie training tool experience and thoroughly enjoyed the forced Bi training even though Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss didn’t need to force me too much as I really really enjoyed myself and first time doing this and Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss gave me a very satisfactory grade for my swallowing ability! No rush whatsoever and Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss seems like if everybody is enjoying themselves and having a good time she doesn’t mind going way over on the session times which I greatly appreciated and made the whole experience even more pleasurable and enjoyable and pleasure certainly was the main ingredient of the day, great location and very discreet and luxurious.

ANLON IRELAND 11 DECEMBER 2019 SEXY OUTFITS-I was impressed with the other reviews. I had a wonderful time with this sexy woman. She is very professional and goergous outfit. No rush and had a great chat afterwards. Would highly recommend and hope to see her again.

Charlie Bronson Limerick city 23 May 2019 SISSY TRAINING–Just here for a quick visit and this lady got my attention with her pics and loved that she has her own website and very good on the phone and in the room…….. Thoroughly enjoyed my appointment with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss found the whole experience to be very professional from start to finish and really enjoyed the way she made me her Slutty Sissy and made me do things and enjoy I never thought would be possible and blew my mind!!!
She will push you over the edge!!!! And I love it and it helps that she is gorgeous too and those legs man

Sligo Stud Sligo town 18 February 2019 COCKTAIL AND DRINKS DATE– My first time meeting with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss when by chance I saw her in a local website and took her out to a local bar,

This time she teased me to death sitting at the bar teasing me with those gorgeous legs in stockings and high stiletto boots I was in absolute heaven….Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is definitely one of the best,a great all-rounder

Octagonman Dublin 24 February 2019 STILETTO KNEE HIGH LEATHER BOOTS AND BLACK STOCKINGS—Just back from a terrific session with this gorgeous lady and she let me look in her wardrobe and I asked her to dress in her stiletto knee-high leather boots and boy did she look magnificent in those sheer black stockings and short leather skirt !!! …She role played my next session with her with her Forced Bi Training and left me in no doubt of all I have to do with her Susie Training Tool!! Can’t wAit for the Forced Bi Session Top Tip…
Ask her to open the door in those Boots!!!!!!!!!!!

Uoma Italiano ITALIAN GENTLEMAN SLIGO TOWN 18 FEBRUARY 2019 SHORT SKIRT–OMG !!! This Lady just keeps getting better and better and I love her accent and she has amazing fluent English and wears the sexiest stockings and high heels and a short skirt and gave me a very very thorough medical examination early this morning and finished off and allowed me come multiple times

Canada Bob 11 February 2019 Galway city SEXY OUTFITS

 Here is very very creative young lady who is the total expert in pressing all the right buttons and turned out just as you’re expect in a fantastic outfit …. Delighted to make a return visit after such a long absence and Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss I won’t be missing for so long as I really missed your great touch, Love the way she works …..An Hour is never Enough!!!

Rick Billy 12 February 2019 Galway KINKY ENCOUNTER

 I had had a few sessions with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss a handful of times over the years but I had missed her most recent tours to Galway so I was happy to see she was back in town this morning.
Requested what I would like over the phone and Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss met these needs with a very kinky encounter, I loved every second of it.Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss seems to have a talent of knowing what you want, delivering it and exceeding it.
She knew what to do both physically and verbally and I was surprised how turned on I got…This lady is an absolute professional.

Clayton Top Dog 23 January 2019 Killarney County Kerry KNEE HIGH STILETTO LEATHER BOOTS WITH KILLER HEELS AND GORGEOUS TIGHTS—- O those Boots!!!   Only Terrific!!
She has amazing legs and just so delighted she came to Cork and got so turned on in seeing her dressed in those knee-high stiletto leather boots with killer heels and gorgeous tights, All my favourite Fetishes catered for

Gentle man Phil 22 January 2019 Cork city FORCED BI TRAINING SUSIE TRAINING TOOL—Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss promises amazing results with her training skills using her Susie Training Tool!! and I can say that she has most certainly trained me very well and I loved the whole Forced Bi Experience with her very sexy sissy maid, it was a terrific session and I was totally horny throughout the session and still horny just thinking about it….

Foot Devotee Limerick city 16 January 2019 PANTYHOSE EXTRAVAGANZA–if you love great feet,toes, heels, ankles and legs like I do you will Adore Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss!! If you love Pantyhose, Tights, Stockings and High Heels you will Adore her!!!  Catch her when you Can!!! She is always just in town for a few days……… She’s the Very Best!!!!!!!!! No Question Whatsoever!!!

Danmara 17 December 2018 Dublin SEXY OUTFITS—Top Marks here110% Satisfaction,
Love her outfits, very classy woman
This woman could give classes on how to look after a gent and more,
Great on the phone,Great in the Room!!
Hits all the right spots and a certain favourite was best ever!

 Patrick 104 Dublin 14 December 2018 DRINKS AND DOMINANCE DATE IN TIMES SQUARE MANHATTAN AND FORCED BI TRAINING–Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss has been abroad cracking her Whip in America, and has just returned after six months, seems the Americans love her!!! And during the summer when I was in New York I saw her advertising on Eros and had a wonderful wonderful session with her on a Drinks and Dominance Date in Times Square Manhattan, repeated the experience again today and she really has the most terrific legs and she is a natural at Domination and also availed of the Susie Training Tool Forced Bi Training and really loved that experience and will do this again!!Left extremely HAPPY!!!!

 Kilkenny sex mad addict 21 May 2018 Cork city DRESSING UP—Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is by far the sexiest woman on the planet and this lady knows how to press all my buttons and just love the way she dresses her beautiful bod, She’s a complete tease and had me on a complete BONER for all the time I was with her and best experience I’ve had in a long month of Sundays

 KEEP WEARING THE NYLONS 10 MAY 2018 BELFAST CITY NYLONS-Her Nylons collection is absolutely fabulous, she is also absolutely fabulous and has the most amazing collection of shoes,sneakers and I was in foot fetish HEAVEN…She is also a really lovely person to talk to and very funny very entertaining and great therapy for the soul A great 2 Hours

Waterford Stud Dublin 12 May 2018 TRAINING-Was intrigued by Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss’s profile when had a lovely chat with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss about the pros and cons of a question and how it worked, like what I heard and met up with it and all I can say is I was trained very very well by Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss loved every moment of the training

Tappy 8 May 2018 WATERSPORTS DUBLIN–We met before in Wexford and I had this wonderful wonderful watersports session and I’ve booked the same sort of session again and very impressed with her enthusiasm to prepare well in advance and that means very fast flowing water sports delivered with great enthusiasm and energy,
A Great Time was had by all I do believe

His Eminence 25th of April 2018 Sligo town FISTING AND STOCKINGS– Always wanted to be Fisted!!
Never thought I would be fisted by an air stewardess like Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss wearing the most amazing stockings and high heels and with that sweet soothing voice she totally relaxed all my muscles and thrilled skinny I was able to take her fist all the way up my tight little pussy and had at least half a dozen explosive orgasms

Black Stockings Dublin 30 April 2018 WATERSPORTS AND BLACK STOCKINGS—-I’m never disappointed when I have a session with the best Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss in town, this session was very memorable in that I had a very substantial water sports session with the best Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss and it sent me over the edge

She is a lovely lady to talk to and nothing is too much trouble and ever so pleasant and accommodating for my fetish and that means a lot to me.

The big fellow 30 April 2018 Ireland STOCKINGS SUSPENDERS AND HIGH HEELS–I’m a guy with a great big weakness in that I can’t resist a lovely lady in stockings and suspenders and high heels and I can tell you when I left my session with her a very happy man drowned in her stockings collection and she had all my favourites and when worn on her beautiful gorgeous legs I was in seventh heaven….No pain only Pleasure…thats ok too. 

A very important person 24th of April 2018 Dublin FORCED BI TRAINING———–If Cocksucking floats your boat then you will love this Woman to bits,  Ask her for the Susie Training Tool Session and she will train you to death and you will enjoy…Enjoyed the time of my Life.

Big Big Jim Dublin 29 April 2018 THREE HOUR EXTRAVAGANZA–Had the gold package last night, loads and loads of public humiliation, dirty talking,spitting,cocktails,stocking tops,high heels short skirt at a swanky cocktail bar followed by a bite to eat followed by tie and tease, with all the trimmings and intensive training for one naughty boy who loved every minute of his time with the mistress,

No one else like Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss. The best girl in town and she does public humiliation to perfection and really gets my juices going…Wonderful Wonderful 3 hours of Pure Blis

Monaghan man 27 April 2018 Donegal NIAGARA WATERSPORTS— Totally delighted with the session

Had the most amazing watersports, Niagara Falls eat your heart out,

Highly recommended for the first timers,
you will be amazed with the results and having watersports with an Air Stewardess is an added bonus and love the way that she prepared well in advance and gave it Welly!
Great that she can facilitate you early in the morning when I am most definitely at my best and in urgent need of this type of attention, very impressive.

Kells cowboy 26 April 2018 Donegal DOMINATION-What a lovely telephone manners she has, unfortunately it has now become quite a rarity today to have a really nice introductory telephone call with the lady before the session even though we had met before a few years ago it was wonderful to reconnect, spent a good five minutes on the phone first planning the session with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss and she was very accommodating and came up with some great suggestions. 

Leg love 25th of April 2018 Sligo EXTREME PANTYHOSE AND STOCKINGS–Leg lover had the time of his life with herself, most girls don’t even have a single pair of stockings and leg lover was completely bowled over by her extreme pantyhose and stockings collection extraordinaire…Better than her pictures

Sligo Stud 25 April 2018 Sligo LEGS LEGS LEGS LEGS—Ah the Great Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss comes to Sligo town !!!! couldn’t miss the opportunity when she’s in my home ground, not my first time meeting with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss and won’t be the last, Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss ticks all the right boxes when it comes to the perfect appointment, Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss ozes sex appeal and boy can she manage the room and a boy like me…………the Finest Legs in the West!……………..

Tim Pat 23 April 2018 Dundalk county Louth THREE ARE FORCED BISEXUAL TRAINING WITH THE SUSIE TRAINING AID–I’m from Monaghan and absolutely no escorts come here and definitely no dominatrix’s like the mistress here will take a taxi to come visit me, had a great chat on the phone and discovered she had tons of equipment with her and agreed a 3 Hour Outcall to my hotel here in Monaghan from Dundalk were she was staying, enjoyed the full treatment and loved all her toys including the bisexual training with the Suzy Training Aid which was really really special and mind blowing, loved her to bits and her Suzy Training Aid which has to be tried once!!! 

Peugeot 404 23 April 2018 Dundalk FORCED BI TRAINING—Thanks Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss for coming to Dundalk appreciate it…
Love the Forced Bi Training!!!………..Very pleasurable …..She has the knack of getting you to do things you might never do in a million years!!,… Brilliant at what she does  Delighted At how much she got me to take and Do!!!…I’m ready for more

Roy explorer 23 March 2018 Dublin GREAT CANING-Was in dire need of a really good caning, got exactly what I was asking for by perhaps the best lady in town delivered with all the bells and whistles and trimmings

John Bad Boy  21 March 2018 Waterford city  FISTING–jumped at the chance when I saw she was just in Waterford for today, had a grand little chat over coffee as we first met nearly 5 years ago and herself just keeps getting better and better and decided I would be initiated with a thorough and proper fisting!!! Really happy to have tried this and survived thanks again for coming to Waterford and tanks for your trust in coming to see me.

Asian slave 69 20 March 2018 Kilkenny city FORCED BI TRAINING-Me is Chinese and am very submissive slave who loves girls in tights who dominate the man hard and this happened like I ask lot of tights colors different and many many shoes and the airline outfit was perfect and like a lot her assistant TV maid who opens the door and will do the Forced Bi with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss next time she come to Kilkenny to do more and more fun things.

Patrick 104 15 March 2018 Galway THE CANE—I was in Galway on business for the day and couldn’t miss the opportunity of an appointment with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss,asked for and got the best service,loved the way she was so prepared and really laid it ON

365 simple Simon 17 March 2018 Dublin SCHOOLMISTRESS AND THE SCHOOL LEATHER STRAP–Session was totally as expected,Swiss efficiency in dealing with a naughty boy who needed to be put over the stocking clad legs of the mistresses and told hold her ankles whilst she throughly leathered me to Completion.

Adam 1001 12 March 2018 Cork WATERSPORTS–Watersports is a favourite of mine and not everybody can do it properly but Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss blew off my socks with her waterfall type Watersports, ….having watersports from an air stewardess is a treat and they know how to deliver the beverages……..loved her uniform……..and all the rest……

BISEXUAL BOB GALWAY 15 MARCH 2018 FORCED BI TRAINING–Bisexual Bob had the time of his life and very pleased that Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is touring again after a long gap and coming to see us here in Galway, liked the full range of favourites that are on offer and in particular the Forced Bi Training was very Tasty!!!

 Class act 12 March 2018 Cork FORCED BI TRAINING–Asked for Forced Bi and boy did I get great Forced Bi and a lot more, loved her style great dress sense and very very professional and spot-on with everything including the best of equipment and toys….This woman knows how to press your buttons and thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed myself in the company of the great Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss, Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss called in her very sexy TV cross-dresser sissy maid Susy to assist with my training and loved the Forced Bi experience under the watchful eye of Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss with 2 very sexy women,

Fluffy 69 16 March 2017 Cork SPANKING AND STRAP ON–Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss delivers very erotic sensual session with corrective measures at appropiate times, beautiful legs and feet for worship and plus lots spanking finished with some strapon . Definate return due hopefully with partner

Deleted user 15 March 2017 Cork EXTREME DOMINATION–Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss delivers very erotic sensual session with corrective measures at appropiate times, beautiful legs and feet for worship and plus lots spanking finished with some strapon . Definate return due hopefully with partner

Big red John Limerick 13 September 2016 STOCKINGS SUSPENDERS AND HEELS–Limerick, you are in for a treat with this lady in town, I travelled specially to see her as I was in the midwest!!

Love the outfit she was wearing and the winter knee high leather boots, beautiful stockings and suspenders and short skirt and what a lady, she turns heads !!!….Not my first time I’ve been with her before and will again as she is extremely skilled at pressing the right buttons and allowed me come four times!!!…I would get up in the middle of the night to travel to see Miss Jones!!!..Beautiful location very discreet luxurious and made me feel very comfortable and welcome

Kinky Boots 1 July 2016 Letterkenny Co Donegal KINKY BOOTS–Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss in my “Must Go To” Woman for Boots. She has a great collection of Boots and wears the boot very very well and when you put in a request it happens !!!… She is some serious woman and dresses lovely, Love a Woman in Boots in the Summer when I am boots starved!!!!!!! …….she can kick my ass any day of the week in those boots……..

Judge deed 30 June 2016 Sligo STOCKINGS FETISH–I am a Leg Man and if you are too you will appreciate Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss.My Third time meeting up and its just gets better!!!
Great Stockings Collection!!
Great Style and Fun

INNEC2016 13 June 2016 kILLARNEY WATERSPORTS—had great watersports, loved it loads, not rushed at all, great Legs

IAH 59I 26 April 2016 Limerick STRAP ON—Very nice central location in the centre of Limerick with easy parking,
Was offered a cup of coffee and had a grand old chat beforehand,
Everyone was worldclass,
She has Beautiful Eyes

Best Belfast boy 18 April 2016 Belfast ENGLISH SCHOOL CANE—was immediately very impressed when I walked into the room and saw the vast array of English Rattan school canes and authentic Scottish leather straps from Lochgelly,
Was equally impressed with the expert administration of Corporal punishment by Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss
We boys in Belfast adore the Cane

Kinky boots 24th of April 2016 Dublin BOOTS AND PANTYHOSE–As my username suggests Boots are “My Thing”  I adore a woman dressed and Boots and pantyhose.. I have often indicated this as a preference to other ladies and it never happens… It happened here and I was presented with four different options models to try out at the session, Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss answered the door in 4 inch black leather knee-high stiletto boots and a short black miniskirt and Stocking tops, she had three other pairs lined up and I had her chop and change between the different styles and other outfits and he performed like a Trooper..A Fella couldn’t ask for more

Jidoro 23 April 2016 Dublin FISTING—Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss can play with my Hole any Day after this session!

She started with the finger, then moved to 3 fingers, then moved to 5 fingers, then suddenly her hand was completely up my hole and then she was nearly halfway up the elbow, never had this done to me before and having this done by an air hostess in full uniform, beautiful stockings and heels and attire was the business, She’s great at relaxing you and opening you up specially if you’re a bit tight like me.

London cabbie having fun 18 April 2016 Belfast THE MISS JONES EXPERIENCE—Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is not the most highly rated Dominatrix for nothing ?She is nothing short of Spectacular, with a Great Big Capital S……….Beat me with your Rhythm Stick……….,,
My Session was in Belfast this week and the Ground shook!!!!!!!

Big black sheep 22nd April 2016 Dublin CANING AND UNIFORMS

Location-perfect telephone manner and instructions-absolutely perfect

First impressions when answering the door-absolutely perfect

Hospitality-absolutely bang on lovely glass of wine beforehand

Equipment available-absolutely perfect

Caning ability-absolutely perfect

Legs-one of the best out there

Uniforms-absolutely perfect

Happy ending-orgasmic

Feelgood factor-absolutely perfect

LOVES ICE CREAM 17 APRIL 2016 DUBLIN WATERSPORTS-I chose Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss for my first experience with watersports.
I’ve been curious about this for years but never got up the courage and eventually discussed it with her in advance and I had certain special requests as to how she would treat me how she would be dressed and how she would do it and preparations and she was terrific,  We spent a good bit of time talking about it and then she just took me by the hand and she blew my mind…………… Getting ready to go to another level with her to the second stage!!!!!!!!!!


Kit Carson 22 April 2016 Dublin SLAVE TRAINING…Now this lady can Really Beat a slave!!

The way she goes about the session from arranging the appointment the previous night, being there on time, being up early in the morning and in full dominatrix kit and full make up and being totally focused on the session with me and she has extraordinary mistress / dominatrix skills that completely floats my boat

777666555 19 April 2016 Belfast BDSM–Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss far exceeded my expectations of a BDSM session with a dominatrix!! I thought there was something highly unusual and highly provocative about her profile and I thought it was all too good to be true!! However just back from my session I can say she is quite simply stunning and as good as she looks even better in person,
I particularly enjoyed all the in-flight entertainment, The Air Stewardess role-play was outstanding… What an experience!!!!!!

AH 321 19 April 2016 Belfast TIGHT STOCKINGS AND PANTYHOSE AND HIGH HEELS-Had a long chat on the telephone before actually meeting up and that was a good idea as I got on my favourites put on the table, I love tights stockings and pantyhose and high heels and she had a terrific collection and had endless patience from my fetishes..Please do come back to Belfast soon ????

The Greek 18 April 2016 Belfast DOMINATION–Really nice Early Morning appointment, Saw her before last year.. Really nice location in the City Centre, very discreet, good parking and a lovely welcome,Really liked her clothes and her Dress!! Really glamorous, really Classy  Got really horny and she fixed everything for me!!

 Viking days 1/10 of April 2016 Dublin WATCHING ANOTHER FEMALE BEING DISCIPLINED—Being with a dominatrix and seeing her discipline another female has been on my bucket list for yonks and I just did it!.. Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss was not happy just disciplining the other female which she did very harshly but also dished out a similar amount of corporal punishment to me and I loved having another person in the audience watch me get severe corporal punishment, Both Miss Jones and her very obedient to female submissive were very impressive and lovely

Ramos 001 15 March 2016 Dublin DINNER AND DOMINANCE DATE–This was my first time doing whats called the dinner and dominance date… Was particularly impressed with the other reviews and I decided that this lady was somewhat different from other escorts in the manner of offering so to speak this particular type of date and was confident she could pull it off!!! She can certainly put it off.. And she pulled me off many times too!!!!mmm

And she can certainly pull a guy off easily just by looking at her heels and stockinged legs in the bar for pre-dinner drinks

Very very professional arrived dressed up to the nines and hugely hugely impressive and what a prick teaser
Session involved her meeting me at the bar of my hotel where I was staying and not withstanding that we were supposed to be a couple together she then starts flirting with other guys at the bar talking about my inadequacies and by arrangement mentions my small prick and how I just can’t satisfy her and embarrassing me in front of other guys!!!
We spoke about this in advance on the phone and she said she had nodifficulty doing it but I didn’t believe her and wow oh wow when she starts doing this for real in the session it turned me on be on 102% I got the hiding of my life later that night in the room and I’m just sorry for the delay in posting this review of the most magnificent night together with a real Lady, Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is one serious dominatrix.

big red John 25 February 2016 Dublin FOOT FETISH–here is good, There is amazing, And there is just pure Extraordinary, That’s Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss!!!! Had the absolute time of my life with this gorgeous gorgeous lady!! She is extremely skilled at pressing the right buttons and I came three times!!! I travelled from Cork just for this appointment and would get up in the middle of the night to travel to see Miss Jones!!!.. Roll On Girl!!

Sissy girl 20 February 2016 Dublin WATERSPORTS—-Made a phone call to Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss and the call was answered instantly and with a very good telephone manner and a little bit of tease over the phone, free of charge and appreciated the friendly spirit, specifically ordered the full on Waterfall Watersports and requested a particular brand of French mineral water! Boy is she tasty!!!!! 

Amelia 505 2 February 2016 MIAMI DOMINATION SESSION–I first came across your great Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss in Miami about a year ago when she was operating out of Miami International Airport on a work stopover and managed to get a US appointment with her and she was absolutely astonishing and completely different to the other awful American dominatrix as we have who are all big money grabbers,

I was absolutely delighted that I could have disappointment with her in Dublin when I was here on a work stopover in an associated office not too far away from the IFSC where she is located and we went out for a few drinks and I got the full Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss treatment that evening, Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is a lovely lovely lovely person, she is so charming and so sociable and so-so teasing at the same time and love the way she can move through the different characters to being the Great Dominatrix Lady Boss that she is, Particularly enjoyed her foot and toe fetish and her incredible selection of stockings pantyhose suspenders and what great equipment she has, Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss brought me to heaven!
Yours sincerely,
Your Miami based client who would fly to Dublin any time to meet with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss!

Asian slave 69 20 January 2016 THREE HOUR HIGH-ENERGY SESSION–Wonderful wonderfull Submissive Date Night with the Bestest of Dominatrixs 3 Hours of non stop Fun and Games!!! Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss can entertain like no other!!! A High Energy Woman, Will visit again when I come Dublin again

 AA 55 00000 15 December 2015 Wexford THE MISS JONES PANTYHOSE EXPERIENCE–A highly unusual treat to meet the Great Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss in Wexford as I’ve seen her on the website before and she always appears to be in Dublin and absolutely trilled skinny that she decided to come to Wexford just for a day so I jumped at the chance of meeting this famous Dominatrix!

Loved the idea of being with an air stewardess who is also a dominatrix and she wore her Air stewardess outfit for me with stockings and high heels and had me eating out of the palm of her hand. She has a lovely personality and is extremely friendly but that all changes very quickly when you get into the scene but that’s what I’m there for anyhow!!!

ConKER 15 December 2015 Wexford 100 STROKES OF THE CANE AND PANTYHOSE–My second time meeting up with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss and it just gets better and better Again, I just caved in and submitted to her totally ! Loved every second of my Super Session  My December Key Highlights were

1. Seeing her Entire collection of Pantyhose and again the dozen or so canes laid in the room and knowing they were for me
2. Her Swiss Hospitality and a lovely glass of wine before the session started proper.

3. Ugglying her fine nylon clad slender ankles in High Heels

4. The unannounced face slaps, no holes barred
5. Hearing her accent!
6. Watersports Waterfall
7. Absolutely fabulous Ass Worship,
8. making me take over 100 Strokes of the Cane, wonderfully

Peugeot 404 8 December 2015 Dundalk HARD SPORTS–Wanted to express what a wonderful wonderful time I had this afternoon with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss, it’s not my first time seeing her, I saw her for my First Entry into Hardsports a few months ago, She started the session off with the most teasing and tantalising foot fetish and wore lots and lots of different pantyhose stockings and thigh highs and all comprised of different colours textures and types and paired with all different types of high heels and shoes and sandals and had me squirming for more and more so much so that I just couldn’t wait any longer and begged her to Hardsports me!!!

The most amazing thing about her is that she is exactly like a typical Air Stewardess that you meet on any flight but the things she can do for you are mind blowing!! She is unique out there and a session with her was incredible and she gets my number one vote for delivering a totally erotic experience !!! Fasten your seat belt and prepare for the ride of a lifetime!!!!

 Kells cowboy 3 December 2015 Letterkenny Donegal PANTYHOSE AND STOCKINGS AND HIGH HEELS–Totally smitten by the idea of paying homage to those gorgeous pantyhosed legs and heels in stiletto heels, Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss has the most gorgeous little feet and legs and looks amazing in her Air stewardess outfit, spend an incredible hour where Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss modelled her pantyhose and stockings and high heels and different skirts and dresses and business suits and it was pure heaven and a great treat to have this in Letterkenny where unfortunately not all the ladies have such a good wardrobe and collection of clothes as Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss…Had a great old chat and will definitely see her again next time she’s in town, cos she special

Homer c 24 November 2015 Killarney FIRST MEETING WITH A DOMINATRIX—-met Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss this evening in Killarney. It was my first time meeting a Dominatrix. Wow what a beautiful lady and I do mean lady. She was so kind, friendly and helpful. There was absolutely no rush whatsoever and I enjoyed a beautiful chat with her afterwards. She is truly a fun person to spend time with. Great to talk to and great to have a laugh with. A true gem…. She promises a very erotic experience or something to that effect on her profile on Escort Ireland and for me she truly delivered on that promise. It was one of the most erotic experiences I have had in my life and the most fun I have had with a woman in years.  If finances permit I will be delighted to see her every time she visits Killarney.
Thank you so much Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss for a wonderful evening. It was an absolute pleasure for me. Until next time…….. 🙂

 9909 24th of November 2000 fifteen Kerry CANING—-Went for a Caning, Got a great Caning from Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss,
She Gorgeous!!! She’s the Best!!!
Best Stocking Clad Legs out there!!
Nice and Strict too!!!
Oozing with Sex Appeal!!
great location with lots of equipment and toys.

the front man 29 September 2015 Cork LEATHER KNEE HIGH BOOTS—A lady in leather knee-high boots does it for me big time !!

All Summer I have been missing seeing women in boots!!
I toldMiss Jones Dominatrix Boss my dilemma and she said no problem I will dress for you and want a smashing pair of stiletto leather knee-high boots she has and when worn with sheer stockings and suspenders I was in Blissville Heaven.
Miss Jones Dominatrix Bosscan wear the boots like no other!! What Beautiful Legs !!!

Terrace watchER 27 September 2015 Dublin THE CANE AND THE SCOTTISH LEATHER STRAPS—-This has been on my to do list for months andMiss Jones Dominatrix Boss was very accommodating to me in that we shared many emails and telephone exchanges as I really wanted to get this first appointment just so right and she performed as the true professional that she is!!
She can perform magic with her instruments, those Canes and the Scottish straps are just terrific sensual items and delivered the most sensual domination I have ever experienced which was pure pleasure from start to finish.

Clayton 69 30 September 2015 WATERSPORTS-First time having Watersports from a Stewardess!! Wow and love the outfit and her manner and can easily see why first class passengers love her!!!
She is simply divine and has magnificent legs
It was an Extra bonus for me today in that I also had Hardsports from an Air stewardess, now that was special.

Id 2015 5 August 2015 Belfast THE MISS JONES EXPERIENCE—Great directions to a very discrete apartment location in the city, parking easy to find and a Great Greeting on arrival, got collected at the door, like that, Requested Water sports and was more than satisfied, enjoyed a great old chat about lots of horny things and will def see Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss again.

Charlie Branson 7 July 2015 Dublin OVER THE KNEE SPANKING–Saw the Amazing Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss in Louth earlier last month and I just know that when I return to her Study for more over the Knee Spanking that I am in for Extra Punishment as I was so late posting this review….Over The Knee Spanking with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is idyllic,

Got in  got out in Kilkenny when he 1 July 2015 CANADIAN TOURIST WATERSPORTS—I am a Canadian tourist visiting your ancient city of Kilkenny and I had one of the most amazing experiences with an Irish Dominatrix. Boy am I glad that I left the the city tour and went to see this lady for the most amazing watersports in my Life!!  Exceptional

Cavan French lad 17 July 2015 FOOT FETISH–First time for Cavan French lad meeting Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss…Very happy with her accommodation it was the discrete and easy to get in nobody paying any attention and safe— Just sorry I didn’t book a longer appointment as she is one serious class act——-She has an extensive menu of things that you can do and I didn’t go for any of the domination stuff but went for the foot fetish. ——She has the most amazing pins and wore a lovely selection of stockings and suspenders and high heels and sexy suspenders—
Tip—try staying for longer than 30 minutes as I regret I didn’t book a longer appointment now….Please come back to visit us again one day is not enough

Paul xxxx Rated a 7 July 2015 County louth EXTREME CANING–Asked for Extreme Caning and that’s what I got Very Extreme Caning, asked for it this way and that’s exactly how she delivered in spite of my hesitation that I didn’t think she might really be that tough but she is seriously tough, and what a turn on she is,  One of my Best Cum’s

Zealous fetishist 7 July 2015 loud FETISH PLAY–Got the Full Air stewardess treatment !!!
WOW!!!!! She looks the Business!!!.. She is the Business!!! Brilliant Fetish Play.. No pain just pure Pleasure!!!!!

Kilkenny hurler 5 July 2015 Galway PANTYHOSE AND STOCKINGS FETISH-What an amazing apartment in Galway!!! A brilliant hour of watersports and loads of Great Fetish stuff premier class facilities, nothing skimpy with this lady, very generous with her time experience and patience for a newbe like me

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss
Boss wears the Best of Tights, Pantyhose and Stockings!!  Appreciate this greatly as I am an extreme stocking fetishist !! Love being Watersported by a lady wearing stockings and suspenders

Really want to try Hardsports next !!! Specially with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss and extreme Forced Bi

Judge deed 2 July 2015 Sligo  LEG FETISH–If you are a Leg Man you will love Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss Perhaps one of the most professional ladies I have ever met in all my time

Her surroundings and workspace is first rate, Shes Legs Eleven

This matters to me and all adds to the occasion when you make a trip to a dominatrix and from the moment you make the first contact on the telephone you know you are putting your self in a very safe and capable pair of hands,she superb on the phone and when you first meet her you know you have made the right decision,

Her tie and tease session is absolutely fabulous and I like the way she very quickly and thoroughly blindfolds you and had me very securely restrained but kept me in a heightened state of eroticism . 110% TOTAL SATISFACTION

Tiny Timmy Tot Sligo boyoo  2 July 2015 Sligo WATERSPORTS–Got initiated into Watersports!!! Was just so so very curious over last few days and when I saw she was in town decided She was the Woman for me!! She was? Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss does an amazing Watersports!! Was Mindblowing Stuff!

Uoma Italiano 15 June 2015 Dublin DINNER AND DOMINANCE DATE–Met in Cork not Dublin. This was a dinner and dominance date with a Difference. Firstly, going out on the town with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss expect a lot of heads to be turned as shes still simply stunning and very very stylish and spectacular!!! Secondly, she is great fun and very mischievous Thirdly, I could look at her stocking covered legs all night Fourthly, back in the room later after the dinner all niceties were over and she clicks right into action and gave me one superb caning I will never forget!!!! Brilliant Happiest Ending!!! total Satisfaction.

Koalabear 16 June 2015 Dublin AIR STEWARDESS ROLE PLAY—Met Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss in Killarney earlier this month..
She was staying in a really posh hotel and I asked her if she would play air stewardess in the lobby with me and she did!!!
Seeing her in the flesh was absolutely extraordinary!!
She has the most incredible shapely legs and when worn with high heels and sheer stockings she is amazing  She is a complete head turner and she made me an extremely happy man today and has set up an appointment for me to see her and her sissy maid for some very forced Bi stuff and cocksucking!

Boner Boner 18 May 2015 Dublin SISSY TRAINING—Saw Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss in Belfast City. Wanted to dress up and be her Sissy Maid, she made it happen..I brought my own clothes and she helped me dress up and spend over half an hour doing my make up..
top tip— bring some really good wine and make her happy,
and loved being together over a good few glasses, All good to report

Taco Teddy 12 May 2015 Dublin THE DRAGON CANE–It’s been on my to do list for ages to take a really good caning from a woman using a severe Dragon Cane. I had six of the best before in England from a mistress using a dragon cane which is one of the most severe and lethal weapons out there and it nearly killed me!!

Called Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss and she said come round straightaway, I will start warming up my Dragon Cane and those words were music to my ears in that I was around in a flash and really impressed with all her equipment she had about 20 different Canes including the very long and dangerous looking Dragon……

She’s very charming and very attractive and she led me into a path of false security in that she made it sound like a doddle when she recommended I take 6

Big Belfast Cock Sucker 18 May 2015 Belfast FOOT FETISH–Never had a session with a dominatrix before like this!! Twas all pleasure and no pain and XXXXXXXRated… Most dominatrixs will insist on belting you whether you want it or not, Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss just couldn’t have been nicer and more friendly and I had the most incredible foot fetish with her that she brought me to an amazing climax, Smashing shoes she has Want to go back next time to do some forced Bi cocksucking with one of her TV sissy maids, ..Love the idea of having another player in the scenario and being made to do those things to another “Girl” and the dominatrix making me do it whether I like it or not !!!..Love that

Bootboy 12 May 2015 Dublin FOOT FETISH–Super pre-booking communications with this very friendly lady, no messing about, simple and straight forward.

The Boss is a very pleasant girl, with a nice figure and approaches the booking with confidence and enthusiasm which is much appreciated.

I am not the Sub type, so this was a first and a box ticking exercise for me.  I enjoyed my meeting with the Boss. 

2002 Man Cavan 5 May 2015–Had the Air Hostess experience this morning and it was the Business, wonderful modelling of all different types and stockings, tights, high heels and work outfits, a Blissful Hour, I was in Heaven!!! Never saw her likes in Cavan before!!! She’s Super Delicious!! Nice discreet location
Well worth coming to town for!!!
Love you Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss!!! Come to Cavan again

Dalkey Gentleman Jim 4 May 2015 Dublin–What a delight it was to speak to Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss on the telephone and had a charming and most interesting conversation with her as I had been on to a few girls earlier and it was extremely frustrating trying to even understand what they were saying and loved her manners and Fluent English.
The Mistress is extremely well polished and very very professional in her whole approach to work and a delight from start to finish,
At 10 AM she loved dressed to kill and ready to fly!!
Enjoyed absolutely fantastic Watersports, “Stewardess Style” and a host of my other favourites.


Saw Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss in Limerick last month, This was my second time meeting up with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss See that she has been topping up her tan in the states on her stopovers First time getting the Scottish leather strap and wow did she know how to use it!! SHe’s lovely to talk to it and loved talking to her about my fantasies which she says she’s going to put ALL into practice next time we meet with her sissy maid Susie and make be do some serious cocksucking and Forced Bi

Jodie Kidd 23 April 2015  THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT EXPERIENCE–Visiting Limerick City from the states and just came in on the redeye in Shannon and had the benefit of you been able to access the Wi-Fi on the Aer Lingus flight over and just couldn’t wait to get myself into this session with the stewardess with the attitude !!! Boy can this Woman perform. Awesome!!!!!!!

Cavan the 26 March 2015 Dublin HOUSEBOY EXPERIENCE–I saw the Great Miss Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss in Dublin last night.
We lads in Cavan are not known for over spending money on ladies but this was an exceptional appointment really really classy.
My ‘Thing’ is serving a lady as a House Boy and the Mistress must be Harsh to the Extreme in the manner that she might Control me,Few can do this..Miss Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss Boss Can!!!!
She has the most amazing dainty little feet and looks so well in stockings, Loved the Serious Mistress shoes she wore for the session,they just signalled STRICTNESS Loved everything about, a Delight to take instruction from and very grateful that she pulled me off at the end

Tappy  25 March 2015 THE MISS JONES DOMINATION EXPERIENCE–Had the unique privilege of meeting with her yesterday in Wexford
A very impressive Woman!!!
Was thoroughly entertained for the entire time from start to finish
No Rush

Derry dodger 20 of March 2015 FOOT FETISH—Just happened to spot her this morning on the Website!!!
She’s a Rotter!! Only in Derry for a day,dropped everything as soon as I spoke to her on the phone, I was smitten big time by her sexxxy accent, perfect English!!! This woman can talk for Ireland!!! Very Erotic Warmup…

Gene 16 March 2015 Dublin LEG FETISH—All i can say is wow, this is one sexy strict lady her legs go on forever amazing for leg and feet lovers. when she is not in Domme mode she is definitely one of the nicest ladies i have meet on this site A+ services all round

D 6666 16 March 2015 TRADITIONAL SCHOOL CANE AND LEATHER STRAP–She’s very pleasant on the eye early in the morning!!! I enjoyed an explosive mix of the traditional School Cane and the Leather Strap!  Enjoyed lovely leg fetish, all were delivered exactly like I wished, She really makes the pleasure follow the pain and really, really enjoyed the strapping she administered, it was very very severe,  Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss made it happen so easy, it was pure pleasure for me and she brought me through the pain threshold barrier and had me super Horny, only the true dominatrix can do this, it’s Special………… Enjoyed a terrific Finale! With incredible Watersports! Hers are the best there is out there.

Dan Marie 26 February 2015 WESTPORT–ANAL PLAY–l Westport location not IFSC Dublin I have an extremely sensitive ass and I am very partial to anal play and Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss initiated me to fisting a few months ago when she was last in Mayo, got my fisting from her again today and she went even deeper and stronger and harder and it was orgasmic with a big capital O!  Magic..She also made me Cum 4 Times!!!

Arrundellane 4 March 2015 Kilkenny EXTREME FETISH—I really really really wanted to see Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss today but was under scrutiny from the wife who was on the day off and my only hope wise if I took the dog for a walk I could get out for an hour and went to her place and told her I have a slight problem can I bring the dog in to her place and she said okay,… A big mistake

I was offered a drink and I excepted and was poured a lovely glass of Prosecco and oh great holy mother of fuck what happens next will remain in my mind for the rest of my life…

I went to see Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss as I was really turned on by an earlier review where she made some poor fucking guy drive in Dublin naked sitting beside her in the car and this really turned me on big time and I had told her I wanted some serious humiliation so what happened next was fairly extreme and I really don’t want to go into the details because I quite can’t handle it but she fucking made me do it but you will just have to use your imagination but it was fairly extreme and off the wall and there was no going back she made me do it and I did…………………,Ah

Rea 82 4 March 2015 Kilkenny CALLOUT WITH A TWIST—This was a Call Out with a Twist!!Staying in a luxury five star resort about 10 miles outside Kilkenny, A magnificent old house and estate and unfortunately no Escorts. None of the ladies that I called in Kilkenny answered their phone and the only one who gave me attention was Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss and even though I was looking for something different we agreed on taxi rates and a two hour appointment and that she had to travel 10 miles to see me but was willing to do it after she checked my room number, It’s a while since I had such entertainment and pure fun and would love to see her when she next comes to Belfast where I’m usually based

perfect choice 3 March 2015 Waterford STOCKINGS—I should start this review by declaring that I’m slightly biased in that I’ve been with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss about five times before because I really enjoy what she does
She’s still one in 1 million a terrific girl and she has a unique talent
She looks amazing in Heels and always always wears stockings
Got so much style and is an absolutely brilliant domination coach that she can get me to take more and more of that Rattan Cane and it’s how she does it that makes the session so Special !!

Leggy Kelly  3 March 2015 Waterford LEGS 11—Forget 50 shades of grey, Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss can be my Christian Grey any day the week?
Loads to love about Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss,

1.perfect fluent English
2. A great sense of humour
3. Amazing legs
4. Superb deliverer of exquisite BDSM
5. Explosive Happy Endings &More…&More……….

Ted Baxter 26 February 2015 Dublin THE MISS JONES EXPERIENCE—Saw the lady in Westport Mayo …
Firstly, her address and accommodation in Mayo was extremely salubrious, posh and very very luxurious, i’ve travelled a fair bit and I have never been in a series of rooms that were so luxurious simply out of this world and I was greeted at the door by her receptionist a cheeky little sissy maid who offered me awaiting drink in her lounge and kept me entertained with her tottering around in her stockings and high heels, I’m a water sports fan and I had the most extraordinary watersports with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss again in one of the most fantastic Bathrooms I’ve ever been in you could fit 2 football teams in here and play football it was so big and I love space and I love the big Bath Tub to get the Watersports I
No skimping here, this was the five star treatment! Sorry for going on about the room, it was simply incredible!! Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss, you are the Boss!

London boy in Monaghan town 27 February 2015 Monaghan CANING—-Made a Big Big Bubu!!!!  I was late by about 12 minutes…. Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss immediately took me to task and it said I would get extra strokes (she didn’t say how many and how hard)…Boy can she use that Cane?????? This ultra stylish woman can cane my arse till the cows come home….. First time using this website as I’m only in town for the rugby match with the lads from London

5005 CAL 27 February 2015 Monaghan BIRCHING THE BIRCH—Have had a fantasy for many years now to get a Birching and finally put it to an end with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss, I went on the Internet and followed the simple instructions how to gather the birch twigs and make one hell of a Birch Rod. I could see immediately that she was absolutely delighted to have this instrument in her hands and what she did with this later was breathtaking and exquisite BDSM

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