Pantyhose Fetish

Dublin: 7pm / 22/07/12 1 Hour Cost: € 250

I am always a little concerned when I see these wonderful pictures of the ladies that I would be disappointed when I see them in the flesh, I was totally smitten by the photos of Miss Jones and couldn’t resist making an appointment for an hour and Miss Jones is 100% genuine and has all the fancy clothes that you see in her photos and had a brilliant time getting to feel, touch and smell the scent of a real lady, Miss Jones is Pantyhose fetish heaven for me and the really nice surroundings of her upper-class apartment make the visit even more special having a chat and a glass of wine beside Legs Eleven

Reviewer: The Fetish King
Dublin l: 9pm / 16/10/13 1 Hour € 250

Saw the lady in Galway on Wed Night not in Dublin.

You need an hour with her at least.

Stockings, tights, pantyhose, seamed stockings, hold-ups and white knee socks over American Tan pantyhose are all my favourites and its essential that the lady understands my fetish 100%, I am very glad to report that Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is very clued in to the true stockings fetishist like me, seems like she eats sleeps and drinks fetish, never met an escort before that does Fetish so well,

I think we should call her the Fetish Queen and by the way she looks incredible modelling an elaborate range of stockings and tights in so many different colours textures and variations

Reviewer: Keep Wearing the Nylons
Kilkenny: 1pm / 04/12/13 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Nylons are my Big Treat!

The girl must be wearing nylons or I dont even go and see her and you have absolutely no idea how many wasted phone calls and journeys I have made over the years with girls being very specific about what colour and texture of nylons I wanted them to be wearing when the answered the door and unfortunately 94% completely ignore my serious requests and turn up wearing a tracksuit or half naked and then produce a torn pair of old tights or fishnets and I hate hate fishnets with a vengeance.

Sorry to go on about this, but I am a serious fetishist and have been let down big time in the past.

I have only recently moved Ireland from the UK and when I spotted this lady Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss and saw immediately the quality of her nylons, I thought I was onto a good thing,

It was a complete privileged to speak to her on the telephone in that she has a lovely telephone manner and if an escort could give classes on how to deal with the punter over the telephone Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss should be the teacher and she should be given permission to cane those naughty girls who have very very bad telephone manners and there are a few,

Yes she said, I have a large selection of nylons in various textures, colours and variations and I will have them displayed for you when you arrive. She told me over the telephone,

I rarely write restaurant reviews and have never written one of these before and may never do another again just want to say how wonderful I thought this girl is and how professional and serious se is about providing a top service to the customer, what impressed me most about her apart from her extensive stockings pantyhose collection was her ability to listen and empathise with my fetish.

Do see her if you love a girl in nylons and her happy ending is orgasmic

Reviewer:Pantyhose Please Ladies
Dublin: 12pm / 11/01/14 :1 Hour: € 250

Tried to get an appointment with her before Christmas but both she and I were busy at the relevant times and delighted she was able to see me today to satisfy my Extreme Pantyhose Rush!!!

I adore everything about Pantyhose and love talking about Pantyhose and have just met my “Pantyhose Soulmate”, she’s adorable, I thought she might be a bit a tough olde boot based on some of the reviews when she bet the daylights out of some lads and lassies, but not so at all, she’s just lovely,

Didn’t lay a finger on me just wanked the Willy off me in a brilliant happy ending!

Def she is the Pantyhose Queen

Reviewer: BobbyBuilder
Kilkenny: 10am / 01/04/14 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Best ever leg and foot fetish session in Kilkenny

I’m a Tights Fetish. I just love a girl in grey opaque tights don’t ask me why I like this particular colour and type but it just excites me no end!

gave Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss this test to see if she had this particular type with her on her trip and I’m delighted to report she had the most amazing collection of every type of PANTYHOSE of any lady who ever landed in our city of Kilkenny it was awesome!!!!

The location was very convenient in the city and high-quality and was discreet enough for me,

All her equipment was laid out in the room it was very impressive and asked if she could start me off on the English traditional crock handle school cane and I loved it!

Reviewer: Fibber Magee
Dublin: 6pm / 09/05/14: 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Made 3 Mistakes!!

1. I was late by just 14 minutes. She said the Swiss don’t do Late!! Ouch!!!!

2. Asked that she might test me and push my boundaries!!! ouch!!!

3. Asked for some different type of Discipline! Ouch!!

So, don’t be Late! I got 14 “Extra” on top of a lot of lashes

The something different was 14 strokes of the Cane delivered Full On on the the front of my thighs!! Severe Ouch!! But Bang on for excitement if you are a mad git like me into BDSM Big Time.

It was different and I enjoyed her skills big time,

Thinking already about my next visit and what “Different” to ask For!!!!