The Leather Strap

Reviewer: Ladyexpert
Dublin 12pm / 09/07/12 : 1 hour & 30 Minutes

I just managed to buy one of the last copies of 50 Shades of Grey last week and read it over the weekend and when I saw that Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss said she was the female version of Christian Grey, I was smitten and took her up on her invitation to take the leather strap like Ana did in the book.

I thought Miss Jones was drop dead gorgeous and I just liked her style, she is not a dungeon type dominatrix and I like this modern-day bossy female executive in a beautiful business suit, stockings and high heels and she just floated my boat.

Booked for one hour but I think I was there for 2.

Beware, she is much more strict than Christian Grey who only gave and six strokes of the strap! Shades of Grey is only for sissies, this is the real thing!

I completely lost count of how many she gave to me but what I particularly liked was her methods of slowly warming me up to quite an amazing climax and she certainly got those endorphins released in my brain which was a major WOW for me and I was hugely surprised about how much she could make me take and that’s the skill that I’m always looking for in a great dominatrix.

I knew she was a serious dominatrix when I saw the full range of Canes, Straps and other paraphernalia at our disposal. Lots of other escort say they do domination but they don’t have the correct equipment and her straps seriously smelt of beautiful leather and were genuine traditional Scottish Lochgelly versions which are rare and they do the business.

Very nice discreet apartment in an easy to get a location and I’m already planning my next appointment with Miss Jones.

Reviewer: Senan the Boyo
Dublin: 5pm / 31/05/13 :3 0 Minutes Cost: € 150


This is about my 10 time with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss and I am a complete domination junkie, I am relatively new to being submissive but love being controlled like a real dominatrix like miss Jones,

Things I really like about her is that she is a very classy woman, its clear that she has lived life to the fall and has been around the globe A good few times and met all class of persons, she is very much a peoples person and I find her very good with me in that she can read me quite quickly and love the way she dresses her body, love her. New red shoes, they are incredible, love the way she swings the cane, love the way she cracks the Scottish Tawse and boy does she know how to give a Leathering, getting the Leather from Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is so so exotic and I dream about it for days after

Reviewer: AussieRules
Dublin: 9pm / 20/06/13 1 Hour Cost:€ 250

Bruce is just back from an extreme Leathering of his Hide!!!!!

And he took it ALL………..,…. 2nd time ……………

An Absolute Rip Snorther of a Sheila is Miss Jones the Dominatrix with the Leather Strap!!

I am from Australia, also known as the Olde Lucky Country

Many of your Shielas, Escorts, have a problem understanding Aussie language,

So here are some pointers…….

I have had some issues with your Shielas, came a Gutser many times

(Aussie for “made a few bad mistakes with the girls”), didn’t realise the Aussie talk was so difficult to understand

Many of the Escorts I spoke to had really Bad Aussie or Irish just not willing to waste my hard earned Dosh on these women who aren’t up to the full dollar.

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss, What a Sheila!

What a Corker

Did I crack a fat(Aussie for did I get an erection) Did I What!

Minute I saw her I was on a boner all the time

A Duchess is Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss, Classy Shiela,

Man I was flat out like a lizard drinking————-

She is as fit as a Mallee Bull,

Would like to take her out for some Tinnys or good Aussie Tucker on the Barbie!!!!!!!!

She is big time up for it all and takes no prisoners, very impressed as to how he managed to dominate and control an Aussie like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Leather Strap was cracked on poor old Bruce to perfection, she just let it RIP!!!!!!!!!!

Bruce will return to the Duchess!!!!!!!!

Reviewer TheFlyer
Dublin: 7pm / 10/07/13 1 Hour € 250

Ohl my God!! What an experience!!

Got the Leather from her

Love the way you, she says You are now going to get the Leathering of your life, prepare yourself Boy

Love seeing all the leathers spread out ready for use, and she deciding which leather to choose

The leathers are of various sizes, colours, texture and heaviness, there is one marked M which she told me stands for Medium. And another marked H, you guessed it, H stands for a Heavy!!!!!!

I asked if I could decide which leather might be used to administer the punishment, no way Jose I suppose shes not called Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss for nothing, she is a little misleading in that she is dropdead gorgeous, very stylish and glamorous but a woman who is very much in control of the situation and the Boy

She is just brilliant at the way she administers the leathering as corporal punishment , and she has absolutely no fear to make that thing rain down on your butt, the tops of the thighs and those sensitive areas, the insides of the tops of the thighs, however, these are special areas and for me. They just set me off big, big time and I just cant get enough of this, she can beat me all day like this and I love every second of it, its magic, dont know how she does it but she does it and it works for me,

Unfortunately I am now addicted to Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss and need to see her on a regular basis but she has made me a Good Boy!!!!!!!!!

Ta ta

Reviewer: LimerickBoyo
Cork: 10pm / 04/02/14: 1 Hour Cost: € 250

The coming soon function on the Escort Ireland website is great that we can see who’s coming to Cork in the coming days, so I called Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss in advance and she told me she was coming down the night before so I actually saw her last night at 10 PM and again Fresh back from the Leathering of my life!!!!!!

My Third time seeing Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss in Cork and I made this apointment on the special condition that I be restrained, bound and no Safe Words!

still really Adore the way she says you’re now going to get leathered………………….

My favourite role-play scenario is without question the Scotish Schoolmistress Roleplay and a “Leathering” with the Strap!

The leather is a really really really big, an authentic Scotish Schoolstrap made specially for her by a strapmaker, WOW!

Its really well worn!!!!!!!!!—— Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss tied me down well, told me when that I was going to get it “Everywhere” including the back of my thighs, she built things up but then let Rip and she announced, “Let the Leathering Begin” !!!!!!

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is So So very attractive and not afraid to lay it on, in fact I would say that is her expertise, getting us prepared and the physical administration of a classic corporal punishment session using great equipment.

The Best Scotish School Mistress on EI+++++++++++++++++++

Top Marks on all counts……

Lovely place, plenty of room to swing the Strap!!!!!!

Dublinl: Outcall- 3pm / 18/02/14 2 Hours Cost: € 600

Had an Outcall from Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss who took a taxi to my hotel in Enniskerry where I was staying with a boring group of work colleagues and was taken by her profile,

She kinda brought the portable Dungeon with her,

She decided I was going to “Get It”

I now know what that means,

If you could see the state of my Ass today and tops of my Thighs………….


But Leatherstrap adored every second of her Glorious Punishment…….and more………….