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 Webcam Session now the Norm!!!

Just let me know when you want to set up this Webcam Session, do tell me in advance what you would like me to wear and what you would like to enjoy and most importantly to send me that important advance payment to secure your booking. My expected tribute for a special WebCam session with me in my studio is $80 payable in advance by PayPal or credit card.

Please do reserve a session with me in advance in order to secure a place or by arrangement it is possible for me to travel to your location if you wish to make a substantial booking for a longer session. My expected tribute for a session is  €250. I have Special Discounted Reduced Rates for multiple hour bookings for my Drinks & Dominance Date or my Dinner & Dominance Date which are generally between 2 and 4 hours.

Securing the booking by making a PayPal or Circle Deposit to me or sending me on a picture front and back of a Prepaid Vanilla Visa Gift Card with the pin codes scratched off will guarantee that booking for you absolutely.


DUBLIN, International Financial Services Centre, IFSC, 


I am also available to travel specifically to a location near you if you make a booking for long enough to justify me getting in the air to go see you with an extensive training plan!

Forced Bi Training

Susie,my Sissy Maid, a very sexy cross-dresser submissive TV, is always properly turned out in a short skirt old-fashioned stockings and heels, whom I use for Forced Bi Training  may be available to me in certain locations only for those of you who might wish to experience my Advanced Forced Bi Training.

Susie is a willing Switch and is available if you might wish to practice your skills as a dominant player or to have Susie join you in a session to receive or give discipline. Susie is extremely well behaved and will never disobey an instruction I issue to her that she knows well the consequences of disobedience!.

Susie is 100% trained by me and 100% owned by me and it’s a unique opportunity to session with my Bitch and watch her get the whipping of her life from me or sometimes I tire easily  and require a strong man to assist me in putting manners on my Bitch!!

Poor Susie!! But the good news is she has no choice and you are totally assured of a very attentive young lady looking after all your interests and an opportunity to do some interesting things…………. with the Bitch!!

Susie has an amazing capacity to take what she’s given……….!! and Susie knows very well that there is no complaints department here and she must always smile and except what is given to her and she knows what she has to do to please you!!!

Do you have a particular Fantasy or do tell me what you would like to do or enjoy with my Sissy Bitch as I do like to be entertained and the more extreme the better as I do like to see her being Stretched…………!!!

Victorian Birching

The Birch Rod is an amazing instrument for the administration of severe corporal punishment and my results are excellent and the sensation is like nothing else!!! The Birch Rod is extremely interesting and tasty!!

You need to enjoy this at least once!

Allow me make you fall in love with my Birch Rod!!

Alternatively, if you don’t wish to taste this yourself  I can  teach you how to properly administer a good old-fashioned Birching to my Bitchs!!!

The Bitchs mightn’t  like it but they have no Choice !!!

They are constantly naughty and are always in need of a good Beating, Caning, Leather Strapping or the ultimate Victorian Birching and I would welcome the help of a strong man with this task!!

So help me beat the Bitchs!! If this is your cup of tea!!


It’s a Super Session if you would like to turn the tables and be the Master and control my Submissives for me I would be very grateful !!!!!.

It is a rare opportunity and it’s important you see is it and enjoy it as it’s not every day you will be given 100% control of these naughty submissives!!

It is also an interesting experience for you to meet my super super submissive sexy TV cross-dresser Sissy Maid to see just how submissive she is in action!!

You will receive thorough training from me on the administration of the Lochgelly Tawse and you will also have exclusive use of my range of Victorian traditional Scottish leather straps made by the Master craftsman himself  Michael Campbell from Renfrewshire in Scotland and watch the reaction of the submissive when applied to her rear and the very sensitive tops of her thighs and prepared to be entertained!!!

You will very quickly learn and see with your own eyes the benefits of the administration of severe corporal punishment to the submissives and you will be the recipient of considerable pleasure and enjoyment at the hands of the submissives who will obey you totally and follow each and every of your instructions to your complete satisfaction!!!

I will fully train you to be a complete Sadist and the Master in charge of Susie!!

Booking in advance is essential to guarantee a session and I require you to secure the booking for multiple hour bookings for my Drinks & Dominance Date or Dinner & Dominance Date or my Forced Bi Training as I am effectively blocking out the diary for you and denying other clients access to me during this time and incurring expenses with my Sissy Maid and ask that you only make this booking if you are confident you are in a position to honour the appointment.

Please just bear in mind that I do this work very much in a part-time capacity combined with my regular career as an Air Stewardess and I really have limited availability as I can only see a small number of clients per day for this very reason whilst I’m in town on a short work stopover .


When I schedule an appointment with you so I am effectively perhaps turning away 2 or 3 clients who otherwise might wish to have an appointment with me and for that reason I just simply ask that you only make the booking with me if you are certain you will be able to make the Date and that you’re happy to secure the booking with a token deposit of €300 or €600 by sending the payment by PayPal or Circle to me or letting me have a picture of a prepaid Vanilla Visa gift card front and back with the pin codes scratched off the back and that gives me the comfort to turn other clients away and give you preference and a reduced rate for a longer session if you are totally confident you will be able to make the appointment.

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