Face Slapping

Dublin: 11am / 14/02/13 30 Minutes € 150

I specifically travelled to Dublin to have an extreme session of both face slapping and face sitting with the Mistress.

Exceptional in every way!

She made me very horny before, during and after the appointment, she is some operator and the photos are all genuine, she is the business and she can be my Boss any day of the week

Reviewer: martinog
Dublin: 7pm / 05/02/14: 1 Hour Cost: € 250

The meeting actually took place in Cork and not in Dublin

Saw that Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss was in Cork city just for 24 hours so I seized the opportunity and submitted myself to her complete control and I completely left it up to her to organise the role play under scenarios and no sooner were these words out of my mouth that I got this unmerciful slap in the face from her that knocked me back and then she lays on these spits and has me pinned down on the floor with more face slaps, she jerked off my jeans and had me over her stocking clad knees in double quick time and started to lay into me with a leather strap, and under her for at least 20 minutes of continuous and heavy strapping but she used her left hand is so so expertly and wonderfully to stimulate and control my little member,

Never before realise that somebody could make me so submissive and have me under such control and make me to take so much fairly hard and extreme Corporal punishment

I am not an expert at all in taking discipline but Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss certainly made me want more and more and I can see how this can become addictive and pleasurable if she gets you to a certain point

This is the essential skill of a Dominatrix this is her job and she does this to perfection and in my humble opinion this is what differentiates Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss from other ladies who might call them a Dominatrix she is really a specialist in the art of the administration of good old-fashioned corporal punishment

Reviewer:Class Act
Cork 12pm / 14/07/14 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Enjoyed a lovely cup of coffee in her sitting room having a lovely chat with her before the appointment, she was staying in a very luxurious apartment with lots and lots of space to play and enjoy good surroundings, The atmosphere is important to me, Essentially left it up to her to run the session but asked her to experiment,

I was in the process of pouring some milk into her coffee when completely unexpected and completely out of the blue I got this unmerciful face Slap and she said you were two minutes late, The milk spilled all over the floor and she said I would get extra caning for this!

Class Act felt he met his match and got looked after very well.