Forced Bi

Dublin: 10am / 24/01/14 : 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Requested that Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss take the lead and direct me thru a Roleplay of her choice

She did a Roleplay that she said she had done recently when she wore Red Lipstick and would do forced Bi on me, I’m not gay or even Bi but went along with it, she calls a male TV Crossdresser and tells her to get over ASAP as she has a client who wants to suck her Cock and do CIM! Nearly froze, okay maybe just maybe sucking on a clean tidy cock but swallowing and taking CUM in my mouth and swallowing CUM, ??? Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss already had me tied up and bound and my hands were not free and she said there was no way that I was getting out of it and that she would leather me if I didn’t suck properly and swallow every drop of her CUM and that Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss was going to train me to be a complete Slut!

I was really rattling!

20 minutes, no sign of the TV!

Calls her again, the TV is delayed

20 minutes more, no TV!

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss concedes, the session must be simply adjourned and she guarantees that She will have her way with me and that I better get prepared to suck cock soooooooooooooooon… Phew! Saved by the Bell!

Reviewer: Tipperary Farmer
Tipperary: 12pm / 30/09/14 1 Hour Cost: € 250

She just does it for me in that I just get a hard on looking at her and in her company big time! Was with her last week in Limerick and found her very good with beginners like me too who is fairly new to BDSM and the Fetish Scene, talked about making some of my fantasies happen, wanted to be in a scene with another guy and do some cock sucking and get Sucked, so by prior arrangement she had her extremely submissive Sissy TV cross dresser Maid Susie standing by to perform all these extra services!!

Paid a bit extra but worth it for the Bisexual experience which was a first time for me to have a guys Cock in my mouth…, but a guy, Susie in stockings and high heels

Poor Susie, she gets a right olde Wallop from the mistress if she doesn’t perform hundred percent and Swallow every single drop!

Anyhow I’m not complaining I got looked after extremely well by the two girls and Tipperary Farmer left a happy lad..