Getting The Birch

Dublin: 3pm / 12/01/13 1 Hour Cost: € 250

My Second time with Miss Jones because I’m not regularly in Dublin or even in Ireland. got the Birch before and got it again on Saturday

I like to think of myself as a serious submissive, a connoisseur and one who can spot a good mistress from a bad one or a mediocre one and I have just come back from the birching of my life!!!

Will I be back for more? You Bet. But she completely demolished the birch rod on my tender little Ass

Thank you Mss Jones for the birching of my Life

Reviewer: Donegalranger
Cork: 8pm / 06/11/13 30 Minutes Cost: € 150

See that Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is in Cork today, I am working nearby but broke, but I did see her earlier this month in Limerick.

Got the Birch.

Requested if she could do a Birching, got an email back swiftly setting out full instructions as to what would happen and what I had to do?????????

Basically I was to collect the Birch Rods and soak them for her in advance and bind them according to her percise instructions. Did that. Easy enough.

We met, I was Birched!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never ever experienced anything so INTENSE, My Ass was so on Fire

She was so stern and polished and really knew how to move that Rod,

Would recommend but only for the serious submissive