TV Cross-Dresser Sissy Maid Susie

Reviewer: Samtheman
Dublin: 7pm / 10/07/12 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Appointment was in Dublin about three weeks ago, very surprised when Miss Joness TV Cross-Dresser Sissy Maid Susie opened the door and invited me to take a welcome drink as the mistress was engaged for about 15 minutes, Susie was a right little slut and started flirting with me immediately and in no time had her hand down my pants and then got her lips over my member!

The mistress then came back into the apartment and immediately sensed that something was askew, she picked on poor old Susie and ordered her into her chamber and restrained her very tightly in position and immediately started to strap the daylights out of her little butt and all along the tops of her thighs that quickly turned from red to purple, my first time being a voyeur, whilst Susie squirmed and moaned it was clear she was really in her element, something I would definitely like to do again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: Johnbadboy
Waterford: 11am / 14/05/13 1 Hour € 250

Saw her Ladyship in Kilkenny yesterday.

First time doing this!!!!!!!

I read in some of the previous reviews that sometimes Miss Jones has a nice little sissy maid called Sussy helping her out and I have had a fantasy for some time to try this out, Miss Jones told me that she could arrange it, but that she needed to meet me first for a session and on the strict understanding that I was certain that I could make the appointment.

Asked for a role play that Miss Jones would be the schoolmistress and Sussy and I dressed up as schoolgirls and that we would both get the cane and the strap.

I was somewhat in a little fear and trepidation, particularly after she disciplined Sussy for some mild indiscretions and boy did she let rip at point little Sussy, who got the tops of her Thighs leathered and when I say leathered I really mean leathered if you get the gist!

Immediately afterwards Sussy, then got the cane!

It were something else to see Miss Jones administer the corporal punishment in this way, she was dressed as the most sexiest schoolmistress I’ve ever seen with beautiful stockinged legs and high heels and a short little skirt.

Me next, however, Miss Jones was a little gentler and Sussy helped me through it,

Miss Jones was very generous with Sussy’s time and ordered her to completely service me and Sussy performed some very intimate and tantalising things for me that left me leaving the appointment on a magnificent high,

Would really love to repeat the experience again and I will

Sussy is lovely too!!!!!

Reviewer: Trisexual
Cork: 9am / 26/11/13 1 Hour: € 250

Appointment with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss was in Cork last month on 26th cos I remember it so well,

My first encounter with a TV Crossdresser Slut called Suzy who was also under the complete control of Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss so if you wanted saucy Suzy to do something erotic to you, you just ask Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss and she makes it all happen, my first time sucking cock, Suzy was in lovely night heels and stockings and returns the favour!!!!!!!

Was a real fun session and I really enjoyed all the play with the girls, poor Suzy got a right olde whipping from the Mistress if Mistress thought she was not looking after me properly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So go easy on complaints about Suzy or she will get lashed or if you like this just express dissatisfaction and watch the fireworks as Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss really cracks the Whip on her spankable Ass!!!

Got looked after real well by the 2 girls galore

Would love to do some more intimate things with Suzy and the Mistress again, something to look forward to in 2014.

Nice ‘Dungeon’, squeaky clean, quiet, big and discrete with easy parking