Foot Fetish

Reviewer: Subbyboy
Dublin Time / Date: 5pm / 09/07/12

I don’t normally take a chance on my hard earned cash unless I see that these new mistresses have got plenty of good reviews, however, I had a hunch that she would be good and good she was, very glamorous and well-dressed as a typical businesswoman and slightly deceptive in that she is quite nice at the beginning and chatty and finding out how you would like the session to go and then Bingo. The Mother of all Canings is about to begin.

Miss Jones is pure heaven if you’re a leg, foot, pantyhose fetish like I am and a complete pain slut who needs to be pushed beyond limits and caned like there’s no tomorrow then that’s exactly what Miss Jones delivers. She has a lot of good equipment and instruments to use and they were all first-class and the Real McCoy. I say this because a lot of other escorts say they are a dominatrix have no more than a plastic belt or a stiff stick taken from a flowerpot and think that this will do the business. It won’t and the session just won’t work for me if the Mistress doesn’t have the right equipment and I give Miss Jones 10 out of 10!

Reviewer: sailaway
Kilkenny: 11am / 11/09/13 30 Minutes Cost: € 150

I have slightly strange taste, a big Fetish for Women in Dr. Marten boots or shoes, they make a woman look so tough, was in Kilkenny today, Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss didn’t look the type to wear Dr. Martens, he wears lovely high heels in the photo but she looked like the best choice in Kilkenny and I called!

Well, she knocked me for Six when she said she could satisfy my Fetish this morning.

My first reaction was that I didn’t believe her but true to her word she answered the door in a pair of classic black Dr. Martens, they were the business worn with 70 Denier black opaque stockings as requested, I was in Heaven all morning, Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss thank you so much for making this happen

She’s a Queen of Hearts, so good at pleasing us lads,

Reviewer: busterball
Dublin: 9pm / 19/05/14: 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Saw her in Belfast not Dublin. A great city centre location.

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is like good wine, she just keeps getting better and better,

I would say she has become even more Strict and “Tough” since our last meeting in 2013.

She has lost none of her passion for the “Job”.

Tried out some new equipment and new Canes I hadn’t tasted before, they were Delicious,

Her Foot Fetish is WOW

Want to do some public humiliation stuff in public with her next, we talked about it and she is the one to do it with,

She’s great fun to be with too, a great conversationist and she like a laugh

I would run away with her if I was 20 years younger

Reviewer: The Devil Wears Prada
Cork: 6pm / 15/07/14 : 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Saw Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss on the website and thought that she looked first-class, my type of girl

Made a request on the telephone for her shoe size and she confirmed to me that she was a neat little size 5 and what a neat little foot she has!!!

Saw an exquisite pair of Prada sandals in BT,purchased them for her as an introductory present on the understanding with the shop assistant that if they did not fit my “girlfriend”that I could return them…

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss loved her new Prada sandals and if any of you fetish guys want to experience the most amazing Prada wearing mistress then you have me to thank for the present I gave to Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss!

It was just worth it seeing her in those Prada shoes and she gave me extra punishment whilst wearing her brand-new sandals and sheer stockings, you will see the little Gold Prada Logo under the heel arch when you are on your knees paying homage to her little toes, feet and legs, kiss the devil Prada!!!!!

A Pure Delight

Reviewer: Energyman
Limerick: 10am / 17/09/14 30 € 150

Very curious as to what a Dominatrix might do to me and I jumped into the arms of Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss today,

Lovely place in Limerick, great for parking and discrete

She really floated my Boat and loved the way she wanked the Willy off of me in her own style and had me empty over her silk stockings