50 Shades of Grey Roleplay

Reviewer; Man With 2020 Vision
Dublin: 4pm / 24/01/13 1 Hour € 250

Never had an encounter like this before, but I have never spent over an hour getting all close and intimate with an air stewardess bent over her stockinged legs and getting the opportunity to look up her skirt and experience serious face sitting with Mistress Jones. I could see that she could be quite strict and severe if required and thought that she has an impressive arsenal of weapons at her command to use on us poor submissives in need of corporal punishment and discipline, never realised corporal punishment would be so pleasurable and very interesting to see how she operates and expertly converts pain into pleasure, didnt think it would be so good and I could see myself getting addicted to this? , can see now why 50 Shades of Grey is so popular, by the way, Miss Jones was wearing exquisite grey stockings!

A really Classy Lady, thank you Miss Jones for going slow and easy on me and not making me take your 100 strokes of the Cane Special! Maybe next time?