Dublin: 3pm / 23/11/12: 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Had an incredible session with the air stewardess, photos are 100% accurate

If you like looking at those sexy air hostesses in their fancy uniform you will love Miss Jones, never been slapped by an air hostess before and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Miss Jones has great Legs, probably much better than most cabin crew and really impressed with her selection of specialised equipment that she uses to discipline naughty passengers like me who may have stepped out of line.

She has a particularly good old-fashioned traditional Scottish Lochgelly Strap, it smells wonderfully genuine and looks like its really been used over the years and she has thoroughly administered corporal punishment on me with gusto and I loved every minute of it.

One of the best air stewardesses in Dublin who knows how to look after a man and give him a fantastic finish,

Miss Jones is highly recommended if you like to fly high in the sky, so happy I left an extra Euro 50 tip as Miss Jones specifically wore her airline uniform for me and really made the effort

Reviewer: Alex 99
Galway: 9am / 06/12/12 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Just back from a Brillo time with a Galway Dominatrix.

The choice in Galway these days is fairly limited and I seized the opportunity. I do shift work and I was feeling really horny at 9am this morning and really in the mood for taking a good few slaps from what looked like a Drop Dead Beauty air hostess.

Called the mistress and like the efficient Swiss lady that she is was as bright as a button early in the morning. A good sign. No problem meeting me at 9.30 am. Great location, great manners, a really class woman who has clearly travelled the globe, the quality here is just 1st Class, this woman is well used to looking after top businessmen and treated me a mere shift worker so well.

Love the way she works the session and the Happy Ending was the Business?? 5 out of 5.thanks for coming to my town even if only for one day, do come again please, I want to try the strap on next?