Scottish Lochgelly Tawse

Big Swede Tourist
Dublin: 12pm / 06/05/13 30 Minutes Cost:€ 150

You Irish people are very lucky that it is so easy in Ireland to meet with an escort like ms Jones here in the IFSC, I come from Sweden for weekend in Dublin and staying in your new five-star hotel in the grand canal area, more harder in Sweden, I made lots of telephone calls to escorts who said they were working in the area, but very few answer their telephones and most who did seemed to be half asleep but ms Jones answered her telephone bright as a button and within 60 minutes I was having morning coffee with her in the lobby bar, she arrived in full Air Stewardess Uniform and she drew a lot of attention from everybody who was eyeing up her legs and heels, never had the Scotish Lochgelly Tawse, got it Today! Good and Plenty, Like her Style!, Would bring her back to Stockholm if could fit in my suitcase?

Ps years ago in Sweden we had a reputation of being a very liberal country, but that has changed in seeing an escort is contrary to Swedish laws now. Like that you can do and see who you want in Ireland without the police looking on, Don’t change your law to Sweden

Doctor Kildare
Dublin : 4pm / 12/07/14 1 hour & 30 Minutes Cost: € 325

Was in Dublin yesterday and I had already made an appointment to see Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss first in a local coffee shop as I wanted a real public humiliation experience with her in front of an innocent waitress in the coffee shop!!!!!

Had some very specific requests that she might meet me wearing those knee-high high-heeled leather boots she told me she had and it was a pretty hot day and there were very few girls even wearing her nylons but the sight of Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss coming down the road in a relatively short skirt with gorgeous sheer black nylons and those boots with quite simply breathtaking,

If you enjoy high leather boots worn with sheer nylons like I do you will love this girl

I was complete putty in this woman’s hands and she had me under her complete control for the duration of the 90 minutes then I spent with her

She could do anything to me and it was complete pleasure 125% straight through!