Branding Fetish

Reviewer: Jose Sanchez
Dublin 8pm / 09/02/14 :2 Hours Cost: € 500

I have been so excited about this visit I have only now been able to put pen to paper!!!

My sincerest apologies for the delay in submitting this about my first visit to Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss, appointment was about three weeks ago and it was very Memorable!!!!!!!!!!!!

I suppose you could say it was perhaps one of the most memorable possible for anybody in that I have come away with a permanent reminder of my visit to Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss……………………….

I had been speaking to her on the telephone five or six times before the appointment and if she was fed up with me going through the fine detail of what would happen on the appointment she did not show it, she was very patient and thought she had a lot of Empathy for me and my Branding Fetish,

Getting a branding is something really extreme and she made me really think about it, but told me she had a branding iron with the letter Miss Jones and yes she would do it but I had to be extremely well tied down sign a consent and when signed, there was no turning back!

This was a Scary bit but this conversation had been going on for nearly a year so when I made up my mind that was it,

She was completely different to the image I expected when we first met in that she was dressed very much as a typical Dominatrix and not this nice office Air Hostess Secretary look,

She was wearing leather and really nice high-heeled leather boots that I hadnt seen her in any photos and she just came across as being tough no-nonsense and completely took charge and in no time whatsoever had me completely completely restrained, blindfolded me and started heating up the branding iron, I could instantly smell it and even felt the heat, she talked me through the process and told me that it now is reaching something like 500 Degrees

Prepare yourself Boy She said and she just did it and held it on my left butt for what felt like an hour but afterward she told me was just 10 seconds but it was the longest 10 seconds I have ever experienced, nearly passed out, didnt,

Would I do it again, you Bet Ya