The Stewardess Role Play

Reviewer: Bachelor
Dublin: 7pm / 21/01/13: 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Great location near the Convention Centre.

Ms Jones is very stunning and I had the pleasure of meeting her very recently at a Conference in the IFCS and spending some very good quality time with her, I travel a lot and was in need of some stimulation and entertainment, before and after the session we went out for some drinks and she turned heads in the street wearing her very businesslike suit and a short skirt with high heels and stockings and looked every inch the professional executive that we all lust after.

I selected one of Miss Joness recommended role plays, the Stewardess and the scene was exceptionally well played out and I got to have a great time looking at those great legs and cleavage peeping out of that tight little white blouse, didnt realise I had such a strong fetish for air stewardesses and life will never be the same again getting the full traditional school cane from Miss Jones was some experience and even got to look up her skirt and experience those wonderful stocking tops,

She is very accommodating, truly stunning in every way imaginable and not nearly as scary as you might think. I very much hope to see her again while in Dublin at another conference!

Reviewer: bigmanjoe
Dublinl: 11am / 08/01/14: Cost: € 250

Met this morning in the IFCS with the Air Hostess from Heaven!

BEST appointment ever ever with a Mistress, the lady knows her job very well,

Great toys, stockings and suspenders and equipment Galore!!!!!!

Enjoyed her company and skills

Went over time but she didn’t seem to mind, a nice gesture,

Asked the Air Stewardess how she would have dealt with the Young Miss Ralph Lauren who misbehaved on the Delta airlines flight from Barcelona to New York and had to be taken off the aircraft in Shannon yesterday,

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss promptly said that there was no need for any of this fuss in that she would always be carrying a strong letter Strap in her bag

she says she always has a need for such an instrument, and that she would have got the first officer and two whether strong male Air Stewards to coax her to the galley at the front of the plane and they would have taken her down in the little elevator,

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss said she would give her an ultimatum, be arrested and taken off the plane in Shannon or willingly take 18 strokes of the strap on her black pantyhosed clad butt, it was reported in the papers that Miss Lauren was dressed in all black, black knee boots and black tights and she was very confident that Jenny Lauren would have taken this and she said she would have laid the Strap in to her big time and no need for all the press publicity and courtroom appearances in the Pub in Shannon! Job Over!

Will see her again

Reviewer: crazie
Dublin: 10pm / 10/02/14 Duration: 1 Hour Cost: € 250

My 10th time with this girl!!!!

Why do I love her so much! Well………..

1.she knows my likes now,

2. the air stewardess in full uniform is simply the best in my opinion, she does it so well

3. she is so genuine and superb at what she does,

4. she is not the typical stewardess,

5. because she slaps the face-off me and when I say slap I mean slap,

6.Love the way she does dirty spits,

7. love her dirty dirty filthy tongue

8.those legs, she’s legs 11!!!!!

9. And those new really high Boots!!! Love a Dom in Boots!

10. But most of all she’s simply the best in administering 6 of the Best!

Reviewer: stallion
Tipperary: 30/09/14 3 Hours Cost: € 500

It’s now coming up to near my 6th anniversary on Escort Ireland and over the last six years I’have met a terrific bunch of guys and girls And Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is up there amongst the best of them all. She’s terrific at what she does.

Saw her again last night early this morning by arrangement in advance as I was in the area and she seems to be the only lady in Thurles as everybody else seems to be around the county of Tipp

As a Shoe and Foot Fetishist she is my dream date and by arrangement we met in my hotel and we went out on the town her dressed up as the Air Stewardess, she looks brilliant in this role and she brought a few changes of shoes stockings and tights to tease the Willy off me for the rest of the night.

Got me as horny as hell, spent nearly 3 hours in her lovely company and had a fantastic Climax

A Tip, don’t be late for your appointment or else you will find yourself over her stocking clad legs for a good old-fashioned Leathering, and when I say Leathering I mean Leathering!!!!!!!!!!!