Female Boss Fetish

Reviewer:casanova george
Dublin: 10am / 27/07/12 2 Hours Cost: € 500

My second time with Miss Jones.

I was first attracted to her because I work for a female boss, she gave me the idea of the fantasy with her as my Boss apart from the fact that domination sessions do it for me. My boss is younger than me and whilst she is quite sexy she wears a lot of trousers but Miss Jones is far sexier and never wears trousers!

I had a fairly off the wall oddball fantasy scene I’ve been meaning to fulfil for ages and I propositioned Miss Jones, it was very different to say the least but she was up for it!

I was very impressed with her domination skills, don’t really want to go in too much detail about my private fantasy other than to say she really needed to work 100% to make it all happen for me as I had outlined and that she did, she is a skilled operator and is willing to discuss and be flexible with our fantasies to make them happen and that’s very important for me, also she gave me a lot of extra time to talk about the detail and to prepare for the session which others tend not to do, I might have been a bit of a pain in the neck but she has patience.

She’s not your traditional leather clad yielding dominatrix who insists on tying you to a St Andrews Cross and whip the daylights out of you whether you like it or not, she’s very strict but very modern in her approach and its a different sort of domination session to what other Mistresses offer, she must have 12 superb canes made from very flexible rattan and kooboo so if you’re a cane lover you most certainly will not be disappointed as long as you can take the cane the way she administers it in the traditional style .

Reviewer: MoreTightsPlease
Dublin: 1pm / 26/07/13 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Booked a one-hour slot with what I consider to be the Queen of pantyhose, Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss who has an incredible selection of stockings, hold-ups, tights and body stockings and she wears a stocking very well in fact I have never seen her without gorgeous pantyhose.

I just go wild for tights, stockings, pantyhose and I am a complete sucker for girls in stockings. Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss let me look true her pantyhose collection before the session started and to select 10 items that I would like her to model for me in and I noticed that she has very good products like Wolford, Falke, DKNY, Pretty Polly and I spotted loads of Kate Midletons favourite hosiery, Phillipe Matignon make amazing stockings, the firm is Italian in origin and when I asked Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss about this brand she told me that she specifically shops for them in Madrid, she seems to spent half her time in the air as a stewardess and the other half administering discipline to her clients, its a big turn for me that today I am under her complete control and peaking underneath her short skirt and yesterday she might have been welcoming passengers on board a flight to Abu Dhabi!

She is used to dealing with first class passengers and I always feel looked after so well and me too treated like a first-class client, no rush and really the very best of personal attention, she is unique because she is the real thing! A Pro Dominatrix and a stewardess from Hell!!!!!!!

Reviewer Hans Salzburg
Limerickl: 7pm / 27/11/13 30 Minutes € 150

Hans only visits escorts with over 40 positive reviews,

Very impressed with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss 110 plus reviews

It’s a no brainier, support those with credibility,

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss was particularly Tasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of my finest Facesitting appointments of all time,

So expert at what she does,

Escaped without a mark!

Reviewer :Maxine

Dublin: 4pm / 26/11/13 30 Minutes Cost: € 150

Saw her in Cork not Dublin

Didn’t want Domination this day and asked for a Suprise!

Left it up to her totally

She fingered the hole off me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And at the same time verbally worked me over like a fucking tiger, she is some woman to unleash a filthy tongue, she might look prissy, but you need to hear her TALK

Dirty filthy tongue, she knocked me over for six, I came at least 3 times and exploded like feck