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Reviewer:GentlemanPhil Dublin: 3pm / 23/11/12: 1 Hour Cost: € 250 Had an incredible session with the air stewardess, photos are 100% accurate If you like looking at those sexy air hostesses in their fancy uniform you will love Miss Jones, never been slapped by an air hostess before and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Miss Jones […]

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Female Submissives

Reviewer: DannyGGG Dublin: 8pm / 03/07/13 2 Hours Cost: € 500 This was an amazing 2 girl experience Wanted to see another female discipline another female and me too!!!! Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss has a sluty little female slave called Sally who will obey each and every instruction Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss gives to her!!!!!!!!!! […]

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Scottish Lochgelly Tawse

Big Swede Tourist Dublin: 12pm / 06/05/13 30 Minutes Cost:€ 150 You Irish people are very lucky that it is so easy in Ireland to meet with an escort like ms Jones here in the IFSC, I come from Sweden for weekend in Dublin and staying in your new five-star hotel in the grand canal […]

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Boots Lover Fetish

Reviewer BOOTSLOVER Dublin: 1pm / 24/03/13 1 Hour Cost: € 250 Miss Jones hadn’t come into my radar before as she is not wearing Boots in her photos, however I have since discovered that she has a great collection of different types of boots, Made the initial enquiry on the phone and she listed off […]

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Face Slapping

Reviewer:charlie99 Dublin: 11am / 14/02/13 30 Minutes € 150 I specifically travelled to Dublin to have an extreme session of both face slapping and face sitting with the Mistress. Exceptional in every way! She made me very horny before, during and after the appointment, she is some operator and the photos are all genuine, she […]

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Submissive Girlfriend RolePlay

Indublin4aweek Dublinl: 7pm / 12/02/13 2 Hours € 500 I am very lucky in that my girlfriend is very submissive and more importantly is very fond of Miss Jones, we come here a bit for R & R from the States and we were here for a few days last month and it was all […]

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50 Shades of Grey Roleplay

Reviewer; Man With 2020 Vision Dublin: 4pm / 24/01/13 1 Hour € 250 Never had an encounter like this before, but I have never spent over an hour getting all close and intimate with an air stewardess bent over her stockinged legs and getting the opportunity to look up her skirt and experience serious face […]

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The Stewardess Role Play

Reviewer: Bachelor Dublin: 7pm / 21/01/13: 1 Hour Cost: € 250 Great location near the Convention Centre. Ms Jones is very stunning and I had the pleasure of meeting her very recently at a Conference in the IFCS and spending some very good quality time with her, I travel a lot and was in need […]

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Getting The Birch

Reviewer: GREAT SUBMISSIVE Dublin: 3pm / 12/01/13 1 Hour Cost: € 250 My Second time with Miss Jones because I’m not regularly in Dublin or even in Ireland. got the Birch before and got it again on Saturday I like to think of myself as a serious submissive, a connoisseur and one who can spot […]

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Reviewer: dublinsubmissiveslave Dublin: 3pm / 03/11/12: 1 Hour Cost: € 250 I have been curious for a long time to try out Watersports and had my initiation with Miss Jones on Saturday and she really blew me away! We spoke about the different scenarios and how she would deal with me and it seemed to […]

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