Foot Fetish

Reviewer: Subbyboy Dublin Time / Date: 5pm / 09/07/12 I don’t normally take a chance on my hard earned cash unless I see that these new mistresses have got plenty of good reviews, however, I had a hunch that she would be good and good she was, very glamorous and well-dressed as a typical businesswoman […]

Branding Fetish

Reviewer: Jose Sanchez Dublin 8pm / 09/02/14 :2 Hours Cost: € 500 I have been so excited about this visit I have only now been able to put pen to paper!!! My sincerest apologies for the delay in submitting this about my first visit to Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss, appointment was about three weeks ago […]

Forced Bi

Reviewer:Zaconey Dublin: 10am / 24/01/14 : 1 Hour Cost: € 250 Requested that Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss take the lead and direct me thru a Roleplay of her choice She did a Roleplay that she said she had done recently when she wore Red Lipstick and would do forced Bi on me, I’m not gay […]

The Leather Strap

Reviewer: Ladyexpert Dublin 12pm / 09/07/12 : 1 hour & 30 Minutes I just managed to buy one of the last copies of 50 Shades of Grey last week and read it over the weekend and when I saw that Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss said she was the female version of Christian Grey, I was […]