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The Cane

Reviewer: English Schoolby
Dublin: 3pm / 18/08/12 1 hour & 30 Minutes Cost: € 250

Very Different.

Very HARD, very ACCURATE caning that was as near as perfection to anything you will get in England or London

Her pictures reminded me of when I went to a mixed school and we had a very strict headmistresses and we all knew that when she wore those dark brown stockings that Miss Jones is wearing that it means severe and our teacher was very strict with all pupils who were sent to her for six with the school cane.

Popped up to Dublin to see her following on from a fairly pleasant telephone call and a sense that she was serious, genuine and perhaps capable of bringing back those memories of the cane I took many years ago, told her about my ideal fantasy scenario and very happy was I when I arrived that she had detailed notes and had elaborated considerably on my own scenario and got a shock when she immediately asked me for my own Home Work Book which I hadn’t got and the next hour and half was pure bliss with a very Stern Headmistress.

Brilliant Roleplay and allowed me ramble on about my likes and how I wanted the session to go.

Reviewer: randy sandy
Dublin : Incall 12pm / 28/09/12 1 hour & 30 Minutes Cost: € 400

You guys dont know how good you have it here in Ireland as having a Dominatrix in the States costs serious money and I am talking about a dominatrix who really knows her trade and knows how to really turn on the thumb screws.

A little piece of advice, dont ask Miss Jones for her 200 strokes of the cane special unless you can take the cane because I have already taken this on my own Ass and it was an incredible session, extremely tough, but she got me through it and I was really glad I went through with the section because there was a great big high afterwards and it was a first for me, never even got this far in the States.

Reviewer: GermaninDublin
Dublin: 7pm / 22/12/12 1 hour & 30 Minutes Cost: € 350

I am a visiting German tourist from Dusseldorf in your lovely city for the Christmas holidays and I have been sampling your dominatrix ladies who are my favourites and I write here because I had the privilege of being chastised and teased mercilessly by Miss Jones.

In Germany, the typical dominatrix lady is very tough and not always as provocative and appealing as miss Jones, who is a unique new European style dominatrix lady that I really like and in particular I can say that those pictures are very genuine and she has very good Swiss manners and attention to detail, which pleases me greatly, things that were most good for me where the time she spent planning the session and I can see that she can dominate men quite naturally and particularly man like myself of business world.

Started out slowly with really nice tie and tease and toe, foot and leg fetish which was quite heavenly and she is particularly good in this department of expertise. A German mistress tends to use a whip and this was my opportunity to taste the great selection of ratten and what I later discovered to be kobu traditional English school canes, I am not very experienced at taking the cane but miss Jones was a really excellent traditional English school mistress and led me through the session admirably that I could barely contain myself and I took a lot more than I ever expected. I would be able to bear, but the instructor was truly there at my side and guiding and directing me at each moment.

I know miss Jones was leaving for Zurich for the Christmas and I was definitely make more appointment with her before I returned home in January

Discerning Corkman
Dublin: 11am / 05/12/12 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Dear Miss Jones,

When you next come to Cork can you please stay a little longer than 24 hours as I had to travel to Limerick to meet up with you last month on 5th December and I remember the day, very well and will treasure it in my memory for a long time yet

Lets stop wasting our money on women who have no or bad reviews and stick with the good old reliables, what you get here is exactly what you see on the website and her pictures are bang on and she is very real life, the real thing and has plenty of gear and equipment and lots and lots of uniforms and clothes.

She is particularly good with the cane and she is up there with some of the best I have ever experienced. She let me select the canes and I picked three from her collection, a short thin raspy little thing that really stung but started off well, then moved on to a longer sharper cane that certainly made more of an impression and finished with the serious crook handled traditional school cane that brought me to a great Climax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I spend so much time speaking to other women on the website who say they are strict and a real dominatrix but they dont have any equipment and they come to the door half naked and dont even have a pair of stockings or tights.

The opposite is true for this Dominatrix who answers the door dressed as I asked in knee high black boots, suspenders and stockings and we got on like a house on fire, very convenient location in Limerick city and five-star accommodation at that which definitely adds to the overall experience of booking an appointment for good old-fashioned corporal punishment.

Please let me know when you are coming to Cork next so I can get ready

Ps the appointment was in Limerick not Dublin

Reviewer: connoisseur
Dublin: 3pm / 27/10/13 1 hour & 30 Minutes: € 250

Back again for more “Medicine” from Herself.

Had my first 200 strokes of the Cane with her last year!!!! Some Session!!!!

I’ve had Six of the Best over the years, 12, 36 and even 72 strokes. but nobody could make me go all the distance

She said let’s do 250 and that it would be a groundbreaking occasion for me.

She even said I would feel “Great” having taken 250 Strokes of the Cane, delivered very Hard!!

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss has a nice spacious private apartment in the IFSC

appointment was for an hour but we must’ve spent most of the time getting me mentally prepared and as agreed no warmup, no safe words, I went over time but she was not looking at the clock.

I heard those magic words and command again,

“Prepare Yourself”, Six of the Best was given with great gusto,

I heard “And Again” and for the next 30 minutes,

And Again many times over,

the first 36 were incredibly difficult to bear but soon afterwards the mistress had me completely under her control and then I heard her call out, 246,247,248,249 AND 250!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Done she said and proceeded to give me a Great Gginormous Happy Ending,

Just an incredible Fetish Session

By the way I did fell “Great” after this very special Sunday Afternoon Caning

Reviewer New Yorker
Galway 12pm / 11/12/13 30 Minutes : € 150

If Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss was in New York she would cost a fortune to see, she should go there, she would get rick quickly as a good Dominatrix can charge and arm and a leg for a visit. She’s just lovely and great to meet her whilst on a trip to Galway city, she is very generous with her time

she was such a strict dominatrix with me in the session, really read my mind and pushed to my top limit, she brought me to near breaking point

Adore that in a Mistress,

That Cane!!!!!!!!!! I really fear it now.

she’s also a complete Prick Teaser!

One in a million!

Reviewer: d90910 LA
Cork: 9am / 05/02/14: 1 Hour Cost: € 350

Am a yank visiting the South West,wasn’t planning on seeing any ladies in Ireland but when I saw the profile of Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss couldn’t resist seeing her, she fitted me for an early morning slot to meet The Cane.

We don’t have mistresse’s stateside who even have a proper Traditional English School Cane like hers or they are not that experienced in proper caning!!!!

My Caning was Magnificant!

I was beaten to perfection

The fee reflects a large tip as the service was excellent.

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss was Perhaps the highlight of my Irish Holiday?

Reviewer: BelfastBob2
Belfast: 1am / 21/03/14 Duration: 1 Hour Cost: £ 220

Belfast says Yaa to Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss

This is my first time meeting Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss in Belfast, but I did meet her before in 2012 and she impressed me greatly then and I can also say she still impresses me no end in the manner in which he delivers a fetish session like no other,

She looks and she is very prim and proper, and she speaks fluent English like the good Swiss girl that she is and she has a very good understanding of what the Northern Ireland schoolboy needs by way of being firmly placed over her stocking clad leg and givin a good spanking in preparation for the cane and the leather strap,

Her caning technique is very good, hard and in the right place,

She has Great Canes with her

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss really understands corporal punishment and knows how to build up the tempo,

Shes special!

…….and I nearly forgot to mention that filthy, filthy dirty tongue of hers that really adds to a terrific fetish session,

Thanks for coming to Belfast to see us NI boys, greatly appreciate it, thanks to meet your Cane again

Reviewer: Hardcore Pain Slut
Dublin: 11am / 16/06/14: 1 Hour Cost: € 250

I have resisted writing reviews for quite some time now,

it just didnt interest me, I just did not feel I had anything really exciting to say?

I got caught out this morning by Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss

I misread her, thought she might be a bit of a walkover, we spoke first on the telephone last week when I told her I am a complete Hardcore Extreme Pain Slut and was looking for something severely extreme, not phased was she.

She suggested that I leave it totally up to her and I agreed to see her for one hour this morning and I was immediately introduced to Tops of the Thighs Caning, that’s the very sensitive part of the front of your Thighs from the knees up to the hips…never had it before, thought it was a sacred area not to be touched, not so it seems…

She is vicious. She really let rip and lashed those thighs almost full force with a whippy little school cane.

Naturally Sadistic, perhaps one of my most interesting experiences to date,really really seriously intense but afterwards I was feeling WOW O WOW O WOW!!!!!!!

But this is not for the faint hearted, it was EXTREME STUFF, this was a real enthusiasts session

TV Cross-Dresser Sissy Maid Susie

Reviewer: Samtheman
Dublin: 7pm / 10/07/12 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Appointment was in Dublin about three weeks ago, very surprised when Miss Joness TV Cross-Dresser Sissy Maid Susie opened the door and invited me to take a welcome drink as the mistress was engaged for about 15 minutes, Susie was a right little slut and started flirting with me immediately and in no time had her hand down my pants and then got her lips over my member!

The mistress then came back into the apartment and immediately sensed that something was askew, she picked on poor old Susie and ordered her into her chamber and restrained her very tightly in position and immediately started to strap the daylights out of her little butt and all along the tops of her thighs that quickly turned from red to purple, my first time being a voyeur, whilst Susie squirmed and moaned it was clear she was really in her element, something I would definitely like to do again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: Johnbadboy
Waterford: 11am / 14/05/13 1 Hour € 250

Saw her Ladyship in Kilkenny yesterday.

First time doing this!!!!!!!

I read in some of the previous reviews that sometimes Miss Jones has a nice little sissy maid called Sussy helping her out and I have had a fantasy for some time to try this out, Miss Jones told me that she could arrange it, but that she needed to meet me first for a session and on the strict understanding that I was certain that I could make the appointment.

Asked for a role play that Miss Jones would be the schoolmistress and Sussy and I dressed up as schoolgirls and that we would both get the cane and the strap.

I was somewhat in a little fear and trepidation, particularly after she disciplined Sussy for some mild indiscretions and boy did she let rip at point little Sussy, who got the tops of her Thighs leathered and when I say leathered I really mean leathered if you get the gist!

Immediately afterwards Sussy, then got the cane!

It were something else to see Miss Jones administer the corporal punishment in this way, she was dressed as the most sexiest schoolmistress I’ve ever seen with beautiful stockinged legs and high heels and a short little skirt.

Me next, however, Miss Jones was a little gentler and Sussy helped me through it,

Miss Jones was very generous with Sussy’s time and ordered her to completely service me and Sussy performed some very intimate and tantalising things for me that left me leaving the appointment on a magnificent high,

Would really love to repeat the experience again and I will

Sussy is lovely too!!!!!

Reviewer: Trisexual
Cork: 9am / 26/11/13 1 Hour: € 250

Appointment with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss was in Cork last month on 26th cos I remember it so well,

My first encounter with a TV Crossdresser Slut called Suzy who was also under the complete control of Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss so if you wanted saucy Suzy to do something erotic to you, you just ask Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss and she makes it all happen, my first time sucking cock, Suzy was in lovely night heels and stockings and returns the favour!!!!!!!

Was a real fun session and I really enjoyed all the play with the girls, poor Suzy got a right olde whipping from the Mistress if Mistress thought she was not looking after me properly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So go easy on complaints about Suzy or she will get lashed or if you like this just express dissatisfaction and watch the fireworks as Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss really cracks the Whip on her spankable Ass!!!

Got looked after real well by the 2 girls galore

Would love to do some more intimate things with Suzy and the Mistress again, something to look forward to in 2014.

Nice ‘Dungeon’, squeaky clean, quiet, big and discrete with easy parking

Over The Knee Spanking

Reviewer: wonderman
Dublin: 12pm / 29/07/12 : € 150

Wallet was a bit on the light side,tried to negotiate a quick 15 minutes spanking over Miss Jones ‘s knees but Miss Jones was having none of it but in a wonderfully funny diplomatic way that intrigued me further to get across her knee. I’m in the wine business and after about 10 minutes of active bartering agreed on a wine and cash fee. Her place is only out of this world. Fantastic lady, she loved the 12 bottles of Bordeaux, classy lady and I tested her on her wines and she knew her stuff. Best over the Knee spanking I have had in a long month of Sundays. I held on to her super slim ankles for my dear life and she took me quickly to Cloud 9!!!!!!!!!!!

time well spend and very good when I was in her company

Female Boss Fetish

Reviewer:casanova george
Dublin: 10am / 27/07/12 2 Hours Cost: € 500

My second time with Miss Jones.

I was first attracted to her because I work for a female boss, she gave me the idea of the fantasy with her as my Boss apart from the fact that domination sessions do it for me. My boss is younger than me and whilst she is quite sexy she wears a lot of trousers but Miss Jones is far sexier and never wears trousers!

I had a fairly off the wall oddball fantasy scene I’ve been meaning to fulfil for ages and I propositioned Miss Jones, it was very different to say the least but she was up for it!

I was very impressed with her domination skills, don’t really want to go in too much detail about my private fantasy other than to say she really needed to work 100% to make it all happen for me as I had outlined and that she did, she is a skilled operator and is willing to discuss and be flexible with our fantasies to make them happen and that’s very important for me, also she gave me a lot of extra time to talk about the detail and to prepare for the session which others tend not to do, I might have been a bit of a pain in the neck but she has patience.

She’s not your traditional leather clad yielding dominatrix who insists on tying you to a St Andrews Cross and whip the daylights out of you whether you like it or not, she’s very strict but very modern in her approach and its a different sort of domination session to what other Mistresses offer, she must have 12 superb canes made from very flexible rattan and kooboo so if you’re a cane lover you most certainly will not be disappointed as long as you can take the cane the way she administers it in the traditional style .

Reviewer: MoreTightsPlease
Dublin: 1pm / 26/07/13 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Booked a one-hour slot with what I consider to be the Queen of pantyhose, Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss who has an incredible selection of stockings, hold-ups, tights and body stockings and she wears a stocking very well in fact I have never seen her without gorgeous pantyhose.

I just go wild for tights, stockings, pantyhose and I am a complete sucker for girls in stockings. Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss let me look true her pantyhose collection before the session started and to select 10 items that I would like her to model for me in and I noticed that she has very good products like Wolford, Falke, DKNY, Pretty Polly and I spotted loads of Kate Midletons favourite hosiery, Phillipe Matignon make amazing stockings, the firm is Italian in origin and when I asked Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss about this brand she told me that she specifically shops for them in Madrid, she seems to spent half her time in the air as a stewardess and the other half administering discipline to her clients, its a big turn for me that today I am under her complete control and peaking underneath her short skirt and yesterday she might have been welcoming passengers on board a flight to Abu Dhabi!

She is used to dealing with first class passengers and I always feel looked after so well and me too treated like a first-class client, no rush and really the very best of personal attention, she is unique because she is the real thing! A Pro Dominatrix and a stewardess from Hell!!!!!!!

Reviewer Hans Salzburg
Limerickl: 7pm / 27/11/13 30 Minutes € 150

Hans only visits escorts with over 40 positive reviews,

Very impressed with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss 110 plus reviews

It’s a no brainier, support those with credibility,

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss was particularly Tasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of my finest Facesitting appointments of all time,

So expert at what she does,

Escaped without a mark!

Reviewer :Maxine

Dublin: 4pm / 26/11/13 30 Minutes Cost: € 150

Saw her in Cork not Dublin

Didn’t want Domination this day and asked for a Suprise!

Left it up to her totally

She fingered the hole off me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And at the same time verbally worked me over like a fucking tiger, she is some woman to unleash a filthy tongue, she might look prissy, but you need to hear her TALK

Dirty filthy tongue, she knocked me over for six, I came at least 3 times and exploded like feck


Pantyhose Fetish

Dublin: 7pm / 22/07/12 1 Hour Cost: € 250

I am always a little concerned when I see these wonderful pictures of the ladies that I would be disappointed when I see them in the flesh, I was totally smitten by the photos of Miss Jones and couldn’t resist making an appointment for an hour and Miss Jones is 100% genuine and has all the fancy clothes that you see in her photos and had a brilliant time getting to feel, touch and smell the scent of a real lady, Miss Jones is Pantyhose fetish heaven for me and the really nice surroundings of her upper-class apartment make the visit even more special having a chat and a glass of wine beside Legs Eleven

Reviewer: The Fetish King
Dublin l: 9pm / 16/10/13 1 Hour € 250

Saw the lady in Galway on Wed Night not in Dublin.

You need an hour with her at least.

Stockings, tights, pantyhose, seamed stockings, hold-ups and white knee socks over American Tan pantyhose are all my favourites and its essential that the lady understands my fetish 100%, I am very glad to report that Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is very clued in to the true stockings fetishist like me, seems like she eats sleeps and drinks fetish, never met an escort before that does Fetish so well,

I think we should call her the Fetish Queen and by the way she looks incredible modelling an elaborate range of stockings and tights in so many different colours textures and variations

Reviewer: Keep Wearing the Nylons
Kilkenny: 1pm / 04/12/13 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Nylons are my Big Treat!

The girl must be wearing nylons or I dont even go and see her and you have absolutely no idea how many wasted phone calls and journeys I have made over the years with girls being very specific about what colour and texture of nylons I wanted them to be wearing when the answered the door and unfortunately 94% completely ignore my serious requests and turn up wearing a tracksuit or half naked and then produce a torn pair of old tights or fishnets and I hate hate fishnets with a vengeance.

Sorry to go on about this, but I am a serious fetishist and have been let down big time in the past.

I have only recently moved Ireland from the UK and when I spotted this lady Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss and saw immediately the quality of her nylons, I thought I was onto a good thing,

It was a complete privileged to speak to her on the telephone in that she has a lovely telephone manner and if an escort could give classes on how to deal with the punter over the telephone Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss should be the teacher and she should be given permission to cane those naughty girls who have very very bad telephone manners and there are a few,

Yes she said, I have a large selection of nylons in various textures, colours and variations and I will have them displayed for you when you arrive. She told me over the telephone,

I rarely write restaurant reviews and have never written one of these before and may never do another again just want to say how wonderful I thought this girl is and how professional and serious se is about providing a top service to the customer, what impressed me most about her apart from her extensive stockings pantyhose collection was her ability to listen and empathise with my fetish.

Do see her if you love a girl in nylons and her happy ending is orgasmic

Reviewer:Pantyhose Please Ladies
Dublin: 12pm / 11/01/14 :1 Hour: € 250

Tried to get an appointment with her before Christmas but both she and I were busy at the relevant times and delighted she was able to see me today to satisfy my Extreme Pantyhose Rush!!!

I adore everything about Pantyhose and love talking about Pantyhose and have just met my “Pantyhose Soulmate”, she’s adorable, I thought she might be a bit a tough olde boot based on some of the reviews when she bet the daylights out of some lads and lassies, but not so at all, she’s just lovely,

Didn’t lay a finger on me just wanked the Willy off me in a brilliant happy ending!

Def she is the Pantyhose Queen

Reviewer: BobbyBuilder
Kilkenny: 10am / 01/04/14 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Best ever leg and foot fetish session in Kilkenny

I’m a Tights Fetish. I just love a girl in grey opaque tights don’t ask me why I like this particular colour and type but it just excites me no end!

gave Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss this test to see if she had this particular type with her on her trip and I’m delighted to report she had the most amazing collection of every type of PANTYHOSE of any lady who ever landed in our city of Kilkenny it was awesome!!!!

The location was very convenient in the city and high-quality and was discreet enough for me,

All her equipment was laid out in the room it was very impressive and asked if she could start me off on the English traditional crock handle school cane and I loved it!

Reviewer: Fibber Magee
Dublin: 6pm / 09/05/14: 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Made 3 Mistakes!!

1. I was late by just 14 minutes. She said the Swiss don’t do Late!! Ouch!!!!

2. Asked that she might test me and push my boundaries!!! ouch!!!

3. Asked for some different type of Discipline! Ouch!!

So, don’t be Late! I got 14 “Extra” on top of a lot of lashes

The something different was 14 strokes of the Cane delivered Full On on the the front of my thighs!! Severe Ouch!! But Bang on for excitement if you are a mad git like me into BDSM Big Time.

It was different and I enjoyed her skills big time,

Thinking already about my next visit and what “Different” to ask For!!!!

The Strap On

Reviewer: Paschall O’ Connell
Dublin: Incall Time / Date: 4pm / 14/07/12 1 Hour

My first time with a professional Domme, have had the fantasy about being chastised or teased by a strict female executive and Miss Jones fitted the bill perfectly, was always a little put off by the dungeon thing and liked her modern style, it came across that she was well used to dominating the males of the species, had a lovely glass of wine or two going through the introductory session and exploring my interests and what might work, kind of  chickened out from the physical side of the domination and we decided on a strong session with the Strap On, prepared and talked me through what was going to happen and within minutes I was having the first introduction in my life with this great big Strap On, Amazing, thank you Miss Jones for the new education with the Strap On

Dublin: 7pm / 13/07/12 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Real super duper high-class apartment in the Docklands Theatre area, convenient, posh, quiet and most importantly very discreet, all services excellent, smashing sophisticated but friendly down to earth beautifully attired Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss

Reviewer: dtzzzz
Dublin: 8pm / 28/11/13 1 hour & 30 Minutes: € 250

I have no interest whatsoever in being Horse Whipped, Leathered, strapped and I certainly fear that Cane that Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is holding in her hand and I have to salute all you submissive boys and girls out there who have the courage and stamina to take this punishment even if it is from the gorgeous Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss,

I made my first visit to Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss the other night as I was intrigued by her and I thought she looked the most interesting of all the ladies on the website, I was a little unsure as to whether her photographs were for real and I am happy to report that they are very real and that she is indeed very beautiful and gorgeous and very charming.

I suppose the good news is that you don have to get horsewhipped to see her that she has other very interesting services on her menu and after a very nice chat and a glass of wine we got down to business and she offered me a selection of very interesting things we could do for the next hour or so, I noticed at the time went by very quickly, I chose a medium-size strap on and wanted good strong aggressive rough sex with the black dildo and she ramed it up my rear like there was no tomorrow,,

Went well over time but she was very experienced in warming up my butt and it paid off in that the scene was properly set and I took much more than I could and enjoyed every single second of the experience, never had an era stewardess do such intimate things to me and doubt if I will ever get the chance again?

I Am sure her school canes are absolutely delicious if thatS your cup of tea, saw them all laid out and they looked terrifying!

Reviewer: Christiaan
Dublin: 10am / 14/03/14: 1 Hour Cost: € 250

An hour of pure Bliss!!!!

A new experience, taking the Strap On!!

Never got around to it

Just left it up to Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss to ride the Arse offa me!!!

That she did with venom!!

Just wonderful being in the hands of a professional who knows how to press all the rite buttons

Will def see her again as I have a rake of other things to try??

High Heels

Reviewer: Tony Del Toro
Dublin Incall Time / Date: 2pm / 13/07/12 1 Hour

 Very friendly, very professional, very easy to get along with, very well-dressed, very attractive, very accommodating, but very Strict, had a good long chat on the phone before deciding on a special 2 hour extreme session with no safe words and no limits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,

I have a thing for the Dominatrix in Boots and very impressed with Miss Joness big collection of high heels, sandals boots and kinky clothing, the Lady Boss hit all the right spots for me and had a thoroughly enjoyable two and a half hours of pure bliss under the thumb of a great Dominatrix

Leg Fetish

Reviewer: Dominatrix Junkie
Dublin: Incall Time / Date: 8pm / 15/07/12 1 Hour

I only go to Dominatrixs, here in Dublin visiting for a few days and popped in to the lady for one of the best sessions ever with a dominatrix, she is up there with the best of them, lovely legs too can be hard or soft

Reviewer markfromkildare
Waterfordl: 8am / 14/12/12 30 Minutes Cost: € 150

Only after returning from the amazing half hour with The Stewardess. was working during the night and saw her on the Internet and got really horny as hell seeing her in those stocking clad legs.

Was a little unsure if photos were really authentic as €150 is hard enough to come by today but she is the real thing for sure,110% Authentic and delighted she answered her phone to me at 7am and really impressed me that she was as bright as a button at the crack of dawn

A completely different session than I expected, very professional in the manner she dealt with me, a real lady and you would easily know that she has zillions of experience in dealing with us horny boys who need lots of stimulation early in the morning and Miss Jones certainly pressed all the right button for me.

Leg and Foot Fetish to Die For!


Reviewer: Boyracer
Dublin: Incall Time / Date: 4pm / 11/07/12 1 Hour

I made a small mistake, I was late for my appointment with Miss Jones by about 15 minutes and I didn’t call to say I was running late, discovered that she is Swiss and they do time more serious than us Irish and she told me that I was going To Get It!! I had phoned earlier and asked for a dose of the strap. What I got was one serious Irish style leathering and I was very impressed that she really understood the Irish psyche and our connection with The “Leather” and its clear that she has administered corporal punishment to many an Irish adult schoolboy and really knew how to build up that magic momentum because what I got was quite incredible and I don’t know how I got through it but she took me thru the pain threshold wonderfully, my rear was on fire but I felt wonderful because I got pushed beyond my limits. It also helps when the boss is extremely attractive

Reviewer: Canadabob
Dublin: 2pm / 08/03/13 1 Hour € 250

Roleplay with Miss Jones is incredible.

I have been here before for the cabin crew experience and that was fantastic too

Had the Stern School Mistress yesterday and what I really enjoyed was the way that she can push your limits and boundaries

Miss Jones has a great personality and manner, very easy to get on with and boy can she punish a naughty schoolboy.

I asked to be Trashed, not really fully knowing the full meaning of the word “A Trashing” but I have since learned the hard way what a trashing entails!

More importantly she made the pleasure follow the pain and I’m completely hooked.

Go for it if you want to experience something different

Reviewer terrasanakilkenny
Dublin: 3pm / 09/07/13 2 Hours € 350

Came up to Dublin from the Midlands to treat myself to some quality time with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss,

This visit was highly planned and appreciated that she was not looking at the clock and gave me some extra time for coffee and a nice chat.

Unfortunately I made an appointment the previous week but had to cancel at short notice and found her very understanding, polite and efficient on the telephone but she sharply said that meant extra strokes of the cane when we next meet.

I wanted specific role play and I sent her an email in advance.

The cane that she is holding sitting down by the window is identical to the cane that sat on my primary school teachers desk when I was on a young nipper, most of the time the cane just sat on the desk and was rarely used, but when it was used it was used to full effect on both the boys and the girls and it was always a great big turn on to see Teacher lift up the girls school uniform tunic and give her six strokes over the knickers.

We boys had to drop our short pants and got the same so I asked Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss if she would re-enact this role play and she suggested schoolmistress theme and as prearranged sitting at my desk, I unfortunately and in a silly moment dropped a pencil, Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss looked at me sternly and said you did that on purpose and wrote out a punishment slip for fulfilment after the end of class.

She then went on to tease the daylights out of me, giving me instruction and lines and giving me a little glimpse of stocking top and suspender clasps!

The sight of this schoolmistress in stockings and suspenders and high heels is magnificent

The former schoolteacher was probably around the same age as Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss but maybe not as sexy in those provocative red patent high heels, stockings and short skirt, I took my corporal punishment like a good boy, just as I did with Teacher and politely thanked Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss for administering the Caning I truly deserved and appreciated.

Nice location in Dublin by the river, I was able to travel by Luas from the red cow right to her door, didnt need any parking then and her place is very easy to find, is discreet and perfect for a caning role-play and lots of tease tease tease tease tease tease, she is just one big tease and is so adorable as a person

Dinner & Dominance

Reviewer: Slave No 1
Dublin / 10/07/12 Duration: 3 Hours

Had the most marvellous, extraordinary and wonderful time with the Mistress the other night, I had met on Monday for a very physical and demanding domination session in her Dublin city centre apartment and we got on so well that I asked her out for a paid for dinner date the next night and she accepted provided she could book the restaurant and dominate me all night long, we met up first for a drink in a swanky hotel of her choice and the domination started straightaway with a lot of banter between her and the barman and she made it clear to the barman who was the Boss, it was a little nerve wracking but hugely exciting,she pushed me to my limits, she looked amazing and was in charge for the night and I loved every second of it.

The Mistress is very experienced and was very professional throughout in that I ran into a business acquaintance in the Hotel but Miss Jones was very reserved and well able to hold her own with business conversation and gave nothing away, it was a little scary but she handled it so well. My friend had no idea who I was with only a gorgeous fashionable young woman in a business suit, short skirt with legs going up to heaven. It was a great feeling having a drink and dinner with a real life Dominatrix.

Reviewer: SwissFussyguy
Dublin: Date: 8pm / 07/08/12 3 Hours Cost: € 750

I’m new to Dublin, I’m from Switzerland and I missed clicking on Miss Jones’s details on the website because I wasn’t immediately into the dominatrix thing but fancy the pants of those tan coloured stockings with the grey suit at the desk, I work in finance and very excited by the fantasy of being controlled by a businesswoman like her. At least it was different to the challenges I had of late in finding somebody I could talk to in my language or plain English

I’ve had some bad experiences with people who don’t speak good English or my language and spoke to her in my language straightaway and we had an amazing conversation for about 15 minutes and we decided on a Dinner and Dominance date, never done it but trusted it would be interesting, exciting and exciting it was, arranged to meet in the bar of a select Dublin Hotel and no problem spotting her at the bar as she was absolutely stunningly turned out and wearing beautiful stockings and heels and she was on time!!!.

Made the booking for three hours, it was more expensive than what I had intended but the evening was absolutely superb and by the end of the night she had me totally under her thumb and I was jelly in her hands.

This was one of the most memorable times I’ve ever spent with a lady and everything was only superb. Definitely something I will do again and by the way it was all completely painless, scary at times and unpredictable but total pleasure delivered by a Dominatrix who knows her Art.

Reviewer: Silvio Berlusconi
Dublin: Outcall 10pm / 08/03/13 2 Hours € 500

As you can make out from my name, I am not from Dublin but like woman a lot, Ha Ha and I had the fancy to meet with this woman out of all the other women on the website but did not fancy the domination thing but she said no problem, she says she will do other things which may to make me happy, asked her if she would do a call out to my hotel and she double checked by calling my room and was happy to meet me in the bar, I asked how would I identify her and she laughed and she said you cannot miss me in the bar and true enough, I saw this apparition of this gorgeous looking woman sitting drinking a glass of wine chatting to the barman and knew that this was the Miss Jones, we had a few more glasses of vino and decided to go for some Italian aperitivo to a local Italian eatery that she recommended and I was getting hornier and hornier by the minute,

The dinner and date cost me more than if I made and in call, but it was a classic experience and I was dealing with a quality person

The domination session was extraordinary and thankfully involves no pain only lots of tease, stimulation and excitement. This woman speaks many languages fluently and conversed fluently with me in Italian, so we had no difficulty communicating:

A lovely finish to my visit to your fair city

Reviewer :Eric The Viking
Dublin: 8pm / 07/12/13: Cost: € 250

Finally only able now to complete this review as Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss appeared to have been away for a long Christmas holiday and I really wanted to say how much I enjoyed my time and how absolutely fabulous I found Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss to be, it was a dream appointment and on a Saturday night I just didnt expect it to be so extended and is so so interesting and unpredictable,

The mistress was a little late for the appointment and she suggested we meet at a local bar and I saw her getting out of a taxi and coming in and she was absolutely stunning and I just didnt realise then what awaited me in that we had a number of drinks, she said she was a little hungry and do I fancy going out for something to eat, we had hit it off pretty well together and I felt really comfortable in her company, she was dressed to the nines and I could see everybody glancing around at me and eyeing up her legs and high heels, she has a look!!!!!

but throughout the evening she prepared me for the ultimate in submission and domination and to be honest I got quite a shock when she quite quickly jumped into character and I saw a completely different side to her which I loved as she has no hesitation whatsoever in cracking the whip,

I was absolute putty in her hands and she trashed me to my absolute limit with the Scottish schools straps, the horse whip, the Africa Kooboko Whip, this one is lethal and will stripe you, and finished off with a selection of serious traditional rattan canes……….

Loved every second of it

Reviewer: Thats Love
Dublin: 8pm / 22/01/14: 3 Hours Cost: € 600

That’s Amore!

Spent over three hours in the company of a real lady!

Went well over time on our Dinner and Dominance Date, this is a magnificent combination, regular boy girl dating, having a lovely Gin & Tonic, having a meal together and all the banter that goes with that, the teasing, the preparation for the Domination session that must follow, the anticipation, the excitement !!!!!!!!!! was nearly too much but so classy………

She wore a beautiful 1950’s style Red Dress and high heels, Yummy Yummy…

Perhaps one of my very best Date Nights of All time, no exaggeration!!!!!!

The domination was Awesome

Reviewer: Public Humiliation Slut

Dublin: 10pm / 12/03/14 2 Hours Cost: € 400

Met the lady in Limerick not in Dublin as I was there on business

I had met her once before and found her Terrific, this was the penultimate !!!

I have an extreme Public Humiliation Slut Fetish in that I just adore being used, abused and humiliated by a Dominatrix in public, I love to shock people and see their reaction but need a willing competent Mistress’s to do Extreme Public Humiliation, very few have the “Nerve” or capacity to perform in public!

Not so with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss she was mad up for it

As she knew me she suggested I take her to Dinner in Limerick. We went on a bit of a pub crawl first in that she would rip me apart by causing a great big fuss whilst we say at the bar, we always sat at the bar and she flaunted her lovely long legs dangling from the high bar stool with ever so high heels, all the guys mesmerised with her!!

The Finale was in an Italian when she asked the Waitress if she could put my food in a Doggy Bowl as I had been naughty and needed to be punished, when the last diner diner had left, she told the poor non English speaking Italian waitress that she she had an urgent need to discipline me and asked her permission, the poor girl didn’t know what to say but Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss was very demanding!!

She immediately took out her Scotish leather strap, yanked down my pants and Leather me ever so fast and hard with the strap to the complete amazement of the waitress who was struck dumb!!

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss promptly told me to leave a bloodly good tip and pay the bill!!!

Just Awesome!

Dublin: 10pm / 08/05/14 2 Hours Cost: € 500

I first met up with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss in Galway last year and have been abroad working hard and came home with some cash and wanted some nice company and wanted some nice female company for the evening on a Dinner Date and I chose Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss, it was a great fun evening and she looked after me very well in my hotel room afterwards with lots of tying and tease and play and erotic play, Love that little vibrator!!!!!!