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Dublin: 3pm / 23/11/12: 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Had an incredible session with the air stewardess, photos are 100% accurate

If you like looking at those sexy air hostesses in their fancy uniform you will love Miss Jones, never been slapped by an air hostess before and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Miss Jones has great Legs, probably much better than most cabin crew and really impressed with her selection of specialised equipment that she uses to discipline naughty passengers like me who may have stepped out of line.

She has a particularly good old-fashioned traditional Scottish Lochgelly Strap, it smells wonderfully genuine and looks like its really been used over the years and she has thoroughly administered corporal punishment on me with gusto and I loved every minute of it.

One of the best air stewardesses in Dublin who knows how to look after a man and give him a fantastic finish,

Miss Jones is highly recommended if you like to fly high in the sky, so happy I left an extra Euro 50 tip as Miss Jones specifically wore her airline uniform for me and really made the effort

Reviewer: Alex 99
Galway: 9am / 06/12/12 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Just back from a Brillo time with a Galway Dominatrix.

The choice in Galway these days is fairly limited and I seized the opportunity. I do shift work and I was feeling really horny at 9am this morning and really in the mood for taking a good few slaps from what looked like a Drop Dead Beauty air hostess.

Called the mistress and like the efficient Swiss lady that she is was as bright as a button early in the morning. A good sign. No problem meeting me at 9.30 am. Great location, great manners, a really class woman who has clearly travelled the globe, the quality here is just 1st Class, this woman is well used to looking after top businessmen and treated me a mere shift worker so well.

Love the way she works the session and the Happy Ending was the Business?? 5 out of 5.thanks for coming to my town even if only for one day, do come again please, I want to try the strap on next?

Female Submissives

Reviewer: DannyGGG
Dublin: 8pm / 03/07/13 2 Hours Cost: € 500

This was an amazing 2 girl experience

Wanted to see another female discipline another female and me too!!!!

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss has a sluty little female slave called Sally who will obey each and every instruction Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss gives to her!!!!!!!!!!

Me too, would not disobey Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss.

Sally was fantastic and we had our intimate moments together, we both got the Cane and the Strap from our Schoolmistress Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss!!

By the way Sally is Drop Dead Gorgeous just like Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss……………,..

Will do again when I have the Moula

Reviewer: GermanSubmissive Girl
Dublin: Incall 8pm / 25/10/13 1 hour & 30 Minutes € 300

Your Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is a very interesting person

I am German submissive girl visiting Bhaile Atha Cliath for a few days and fulfilled fantasies of being dominated by a non-German female dominatrix

I am very very very very submissive girl from city of Berlin and we dont have this type of mistress there, they are more traditional and old-fashioned Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is a modern dominatrix but using the traditional instruments of the ratten cane and Scottish schools strap,

As I am very slim and petite and not much fat on me and I was concerned that Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss would somehow feel sorry for me and not be very severe and in particular disciplining a fellow female girl.

Not so, she greatly surprised to make and at one stage I wondered was she ever going to stop as the session got even more intense

For me, I compare a good dominatrix to a conductor of an orchestra, their job is to take me through the pain threshold and deliver pleasure, this happened in Dublin!

She started slowly with the Scottish schools leather and finished with a selection of about 10 traditional English school canes

I am just so sorry I am now leaving Dublin and it might be another year by the time I might see her again

Reviewer: theturk
Dublin: 1pm / 06/12/13: 1 Hour: € 400

Satisfied a long-standing fantasy I have held for many a year!

Enjoyed a fabulous Duo with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss and her slave girl Sonia, a real genuine submissive little slut dressed as a schoolgirl who got caned and strapped and slapped pretty hard by Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss whilst I sat watching in the Classroom,

Love the way she bossed Sonia around, spoke with her very sternly and the way she did this frightened the daylights out of me and I was only watching and grabbed her by the hair and was pretty rough with her,

Terrific to see one female discipline and punish another so severely,

Only problem, my turn next and the lovely Sonia had her opportunity to watch the bold boy being spanked,

Very authentic, fantasy fulfilled

Scottish Lochgelly Tawse

Big Swede Tourist
Dublin: 12pm / 06/05/13 30 Minutes Cost:€ 150

You Irish people are very lucky that it is so easy in Ireland to meet with an escort like ms Jones here in the IFSC, I come from Sweden for weekend in Dublin and staying in your new five-star hotel in the grand canal area, more harder in Sweden, I made lots of telephone calls to escorts who said they were working in the area, but very few answer their telephones and most who did seemed to be half asleep but ms Jones answered her telephone bright as a button and within 60 minutes I was having morning coffee with her in the lobby bar, she arrived in full Air Stewardess Uniform and she drew a lot of attention from everybody who was eyeing up her legs and heels, never had the Scotish Lochgelly Tawse, got it Today! Good and Plenty, Like her Style!, Would bring her back to Stockholm if could fit in my suitcase?

Ps years ago in Sweden we had a reputation of being a very liberal country, but that has changed in seeing an escort is contrary to Swedish laws now. Like that you can do and see who you want in Ireland without the police looking on, Don’t change your law to Sweden

Doctor Kildare
Dublin : 4pm / 12/07/14 1 hour & 30 Minutes Cost: € 325

Was in Dublin yesterday and I had already made an appointment to see Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss first in a local coffee shop as I wanted a real public humiliation experience with her in front of an innocent waitress in the coffee shop!!!!!

Had some very specific requests that she might meet me wearing those knee-high high-heeled leather boots she told me she had and it was a pretty hot day and there were very few girls even wearing her nylons but the sight of Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss coming down the road in a relatively short skirt with gorgeous sheer black nylons and those boots with quite simply breathtaking,

If you enjoy high leather boots worn with sheer nylons like I do you will love this girl

I was complete putty in this woman’s hands and she had me under her complete control for the duration of the 90 minutes then I spent with her

She could do anything to me and it was complete pleasure 125% straight through!


Boots Lover Fetish

Dublin: 1pm / 24/03/13 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Miss Jones hadn’t come into my radar before as she is not wearing Boots in her photos, however I have since discovered that she has a great collection of different types of boots,

Made the initial enquiry on the phone and she listed off what was available, Italian black patent knee boots, kinky little ankle black boots, American Timberland brown dominatrix type heavy boots, she suggested that these were great to give a good kicking with, went with her recommendations and with the selected pantyhose, I was in Heaven

She is not a Clockwatcher. A classy broad with a nice location in the IFSC. I like that.

Face Slapping

Dublin: 11am / 14/02/13 30 Minutes € 150

I specifically travelled to Dublin to have an extreme session of both face slapping and face sitting with the Mistress.

Exceptional in every way!

She made me very horny before, during and after the appointment, she is some operator and the photos are all genuine, she is the business and she can be my Boss any day of the week

Reviewer: martinog
Dublin: 7pm / 05/02/14: 1 Hour Cost: € 250

The meeting actually took place in Cork and not in Dublin

Saw that Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss was in Cork city just for 24 hours so I seized the opportunity and submitted myself to her complete control and I completely left it up to her to organise the role play under scenarios and no sooner were these words out of my mouth that I got this unmerciful slap in the face from her that knocked me back and then she lays on these spits and has me pinned down on the floor with more face slaps, she jerked off my jeans and had me over her stocking clad knees in double quick time and started to lay into me with a leather strap, and under her for at least 20 minutes of continuous and heavy strapping but she used her left hand is so so expertly and wonderfully to stimulate and control my little member,

Never before realise that somebody could make me so submissive and have me under such control and make me to take so much fairly hard and extreme Corporal punishment

I am not an expert at all in taking discipline but Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss certainly made me want more and more and I can see how this can become addictive and pleasurable if she gets you to a certain point

This is the essential skill of a Dominatrix this is her job and she does this to perfection and in my humble opinion this is what differentiates Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss from other ladies who might call them a Dominatrix she is really a specialist in the art of the administration of good old-fashioned corporal punishment

Reviewer:Class Act
Cork 12pm / 14/07/14 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Enjoyed a lovely cup of coffee in her sitting room having a lovely chat with her before the appointment, she was staying in a very luxurious apartment with lots and lots of space to play and enjoy good surroundings, The atmosphere is important to me, Essentially left it up to her to run the session but asked her to experiment,

I was in the process of pouring some milk into her coffee when completely unexpected and completely out of the blue I got this unmerciful face Slap and she said you were two minutes late, The milk spilled all over the floor and she said I would get extra caning for this!

Class Act felt he met his match and got looked after very well.

Submissive Girlfriend RolePlay

Dublinl: 7pm / 12/02/13 2 Hours € 500

I am very lucky in that my girlfriend is very submissive and more importantly is very fond of Miss Jones, we come here a bit for R & R from the States and we were here for a few days last month and it was all her idea to book a time with the Boss, to be spanked together and it was more than spanking that we Got!!!!,

Here again on the girlfriend suggestion for a Valentine’s Days for a another meet up with Miss Jones with the traditional British School Cane and Scottish Tawse

The two girls decided to meet up first for a few drinks and go and have something to eat, my girlfriend is fairly leggy and Miss Jones even more so and being out with these two women in a trendy bar knowing what was going to happen later was just so horny, the girls get on great and you would never think to look at I am very very lucky in that my girlfriend is very submissive and more importantly is very fond of Miss Jones,

we come here a bit for R & R from the States a

Here again on the girlfriend suggestion for a Valentine’s Days for a another meet up with Miss Jones with the traditional British School Cane and Scottish Tawse

Miss Jones made a few comments throughout the evening putting us both are notice that we were we ought to expect a severe session later on and that she would considerably increase the intensity on what she had done previously with us both and we agreed that there would be no safe words or baby behaviour and could see the girlfriend getting hornier and hornier. Back at the apartment, it was agreed that I would go first and Miss Jones started straightaway with no warmup with a stingy little ratten, Amazing.

The girlfriend got the “Lochgelly Special”, Lochgelly’s a place in Scotland where they used to make these old-fashioned Scottish straps and boy are they the business

, Ms Jones was initially very gentle with the girlfriend and took about 15 or 20 minutes warming up and then Bingo. She unleashed a torrent of strokes that in my opinion, were delivered absolutely full force with no allowance that she was disciplining a female,

she has a great understanding of what another woman wants in a strapping and it was absolutely amazing to watch this scene being played out one woman with another and I was amazed at the girlfriend that she was able to take such a heavy disciplining,

never ever had a session so incredible and whilst most guys asked not to be marked, me and the girlfriend love having more memories of our visit with Miss Jones and it looks like we’ll have them for a few more weeks yet.

By the way, my girlfriend is an air stewardess with a US carrier and just loved been disciplined by another colleague who also happens to be Dropdead Gorgeous too! Heaven!!!

50 Shades of Grey Roleplay

Reviewer; Man With 2020 Vision
Dublin: 4pm / 24/01/13 1 Hour € 250

Never had an encounter like this before, but I have never spent over an hour getting all close and intimate with an air stewardess bent over her stockinged legs and getting the opportunity to look up her skirt and experience serious face sitting with Mistress Jones. I could see that she could be quite strict and severe if required and thought that she has an impressive arsenal of weapons at her command to use on us poor submissives in need of corporal punishment and discipline, never realised corporal punishment would be so pleasurable and very interesting to see how she operates and expertly converts pain into pleasure, didnt think it would be so good and I could see myself getting addicted to this? , can see now why 50 Shades of Grey is so popular, by the way, Miss Jones was wearing exquisite grey stockings!

A really Classy Lady, thank you Miss Jones for going slow and easy on me and not making me take your 100 strokes of the Cane Special! Maybe next time?

The Stewardess Role Play

Reviewer: Bachelor
Dublin: 7pm / 21/01/13: 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Great location near the Convention Centre.

Ms Jones is very stunning and I had the pleasure of meeting her very recently at a Conference in the IFCS and spending some very good quality time with her, I travel a lot and was in need of some stimulation and entertainment, before and after the session we went out for some drinks and she turned heads in the street wearing her very businesslike suit and a short skirt with high heels and stockings and looked every inch the professional executive that we all lust after.

I selected one of Miss Joness recommended role plays, the Stewardess and the scene was exceptionally well played out and I got to have a great time looking at those great legs and cleavage peeping out of that tight little white blouse, didnt realise I had such a strong fetish for air stewardesses and life will never be the same again getting the full traditional school cane from Miss Jones was some experience and even got to look up her skirt and experience those wonderful stocking tops,

She is very accommodating, truly stunning in every way imaginable and not nearly as scary as you might think. I very much hope to see her again while in Dublin at another conference!

Reviewer: bigmanjoe
Dublinl: 11am / 08/01/14: Cost: € 250

Met this morning in the IFCS with the Air Hostess from Heaven!

BEST appointment ever ever with a Mistress, the lady knows her job very well,

Great toys, stockings and suspenders and equipment Galore!!!!!!

Enjoyed her company and skills

Went over time but she didn’t seem to mind, a nice gesture,

Asked the Air Stewardess how she would have dealt with the Young Miss Ralph Lauren who misbehaved on the Delta airlines flight from Barcelona to New York and had to be taken off the aircraft in Shannon yesterday,

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss promptly said that there was no need for any of this fuss in that she would always be carrying a strong letter Strap in her bag

she says she always has a need for such an instrument, and that she would have got the first officer and two whether strong male Air Stewards to coax her to the galley at the front of the plane and they would have taken her down in the little elevator,

Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss said she would give her an ultimatum, be arrested and taken off the plane in Shannon or willingly take 18 strokes of the strap on her black pantyhosed clad butt, it was reported in the papers that Miss Lauren was dressed in all black, black knee boots and black tights and she was very confident that Jenny Lauren would have taken this and she said she would have laid the Strap in to her big time and no need for all the press publicity and courtroom appearances in the Pub in Shannon! Job Over!

Will see her again

Reviewer: crazie
Dublin: 10pm / 10/02/14 Duration: 1 Hour Cost: € 250

My 10th time with this girl!!!!

Why do I love her so much! Well………..

1.she knows my likes now,

2. the air stewardess in full uniform is simply the best in my opinion, she does it so well

3. she is so genuine and superb at what she does,

4. she is not the typical stewardess,

5. because she slaps the face-off me and when I say slap I mean slap,

6.Love the way she does dirty spits,

7. love her dirty dirty filthy tongue

8.those legs, she’s legs 11!!!!!

9. And those new really high Boots!!! Love a Dom in Boots!

10. But most of all she’s simply the best in administering 6 of the Best!

Reviewer: stallion
Tipperary: 30/09/14 3 Hours Cost: € 500

It’s now coming up to near my 6th anniversary on Escort Ireland and over the last six years I’have met a terrific bunch of guys and girls And Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is up there amongst the best of them all. She’s terrific at what she does.

Saw her again last night early this morning by arrangement in advance as I was in the area and she seems to be the only lady in Thurles as everybody else seems to be around the county of Tipp

As a Shoe and Foot Fetishist she is my dream date and by arrangement we met in my hotel and we went out on the town her dressed up as the Air Stewardess, she looks brilliant in this role and she brought a few changes of shoes stockings and tights to tease the Willy off me for the rest of the night.

Got me as horny as hell, spent nearly 3 hours in her lovely company and had a fantastic Climax

A Tip, don’t be late for your appointment or else you will find yourself over her stocking clad legs for a good old-fashioned Leathering, and when I say Leathering I mean Leathering!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting The Birch

Dublin: 3pm / 12/01/13 1 Hour Cost: € 250

My Second time with Miss Jones because I’m not regularly in Dublin or even in Ireland. got the Birch before and got it again on Saturday

I like to think of myself as a serious submissive, a connoisseur and one who can spot a good mistress from a bad one or a mediocre one and I have just come back from the birching of my life!!!

Will I be back for more? You Bet. But she completely demolished the birch rod on my tender little Ass

Thank you Mss Jones for the birching of my Life

Reviewer: Donegalranger
Cork: 8pm / 06/11/13 30 Minutes Cost: € 150

See that Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss is in Cork today, I am working nearby but broke, but I did see her earlier this month in Limerick.

Got the Birch.

Requested if she could do a Birching, got an email back swiftly setting out full instructions as to what would happen and what I had to do?????????

Basically I was to collect the Birch Rods and soak them for her in advance and bind them according to her percise instructions. Did that. Easy enough.

We met, I was Birched!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never ever experienced anything so INTENSE, My Ass was so on Fire

She was so stern and polished and really knew how to move that Rod,

Would recommend but only for the serious submissive


Reviewer: dublinsubmissiveslave
Dublin: 3pm / 03/11/12: 1 Hour Cost: € 250

I have been curious for a long time to try out Watersports and had my initiation with Miss Jones on Saturday and she really blew me away!

We spoke about the different scenarios and how she would deal with me and it seemed to really turn me on that I made the booking and she told me she needed an hour or two to prepare and I understand that part of this involves  drinking a very considerable amount of mineral water.

The Mistress dressed as I have asked and was impeccably turned out in a very fashionable business suit and very sexy heels and stockings and suspenders

Started off with a very pleasant and mild Tie and Tease session that thankfully involved no pain only 110% Â pleasure and excitement.

The finish was incredible and I was really taken aback as to how I really enjoyed it and found it so sexy and erotic,

Will definitely be back for more Tie and Tease and Great Watersports

A lovely lady who is clearly passionate about what she does and it shows

Reviewer: WatersportsEnthuastis
Dublin: 10am / 20/02/13 1 Hour Cost: € 250

Had one of my best ever sessions with Miss Jones the other day.

I had the lucky experience of receiving some of the best ever from the gorgeous Miss Jones in her private apartment whilst fully dressed as the most professional Air Stewardess you could possibly meet, my dealings with other cabin crew will never be the same again!, Love the stockings, suspenders and high heels and tight skirt being pulled up over the hips!

I had specific requirements and she met them all and went out of our way to accommodate, Very willing to change outfits and dress to please the client, very easy to chat along with and works you up into a great enthusiasm to take it as a man!

Would recommend her for a novice or a beginner’s also as well as those looking for an advanced session, she is good to go for all types, including those who might be nervous.

Reviewer: Anton 7777
Dublin: 10am / 27/07/13 30 Minutes Cost: € 150

I didnt visit Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss for corporal punishment or domination stuff as I am a complete watersports junkie and it floated my boat that this classy lady might perform watersports on Yours Truly!

I like the student girl preppie look and I asked her if she might dress down and I was a little early for my appointment and she told me that she was out just around the corner, having morning coffee and I was very welcome to join her!

To my great surprise, she was dressed already as I had asked in a skimpy little T-shirt top, short denim skirt with black opaque tights and Converse Sneakers, she was the ultimate in sexiness at 10am in the morning and I was so horny already just sipping coffee with Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss, she is lovely

There was a near empty litre bottle of mineral water on the table and she promptly ordered another from the waiter, never said anything, but it was great to see the mistress preparing for the watersports!!!, my watersports!!!!!

Just love the way she looked and acted and so much in charge but yet very pleasant and charming, she has fluent English and really like the ease of making a specific appointment and the lady carrying out my wishes to the letter, as simple as this may seem, unfortunately, in the past, with other ladies they have not been so diligent and considerate as Miss Jones Dominatrix Boss in dressing up as I like.

Anyhow, having finished the other litre bottle of water, she promptly said, its time lets go and as agreed she remained in her outfit, but I later discovered that she was wearing black opaque stockings and not tights and I really had the time of my life, I have been watersported many times, but this was top notch all the way!!!!

Left 110% satisfied with a Great Big Ending!!!!!